These wall art pieces are made with mesh fruit bag labels and white HDPE recycled plastic.  The white background is translucent and shows really well when backlit.  They are available as a series of 3.  If you want just one, or if you want different designs, then please contact me.  Each piece is 14"x14" and approximately .25" thick.

These pieces were inspired by the ubiquitous mesh bags in our supermarkets.  The branding is shown on purpose and reminds us how when the fruit is long gone, but the bag remains forever.

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Consumer waste
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  • Charlotte
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  • Unique pieces can be added together to cover a whole wall, with or without a backlight.  These excellent for a kitchen or even to fit a restaurant, a store or a corporate entry hall with iconic wall art.

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Review for Set of 2 Coasters.

Inspired Plastics did great work on the shredded plastic I asked for. They were also responsive when I had a question for them. In addition, they seem to be open to accepting my own plastic and shredding it for me.

Here is to hoping for a good working relationship!
Great seller! I bought the coasters and I love them! They are so unique, beautiful and durable and match so well with my coffee table. I will be ordering more items for sure.
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3 piece wall art recycled fruit

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