• This Desk organizer is designed for your belongings that can be placed on your existing office desk or study tables. This Upcycled organizer is a perfect personalized gift for office desk organizations. This office desk organizer is designed to be suitable for all phone sizes in terms of usage as being a phone stand. it has been produced by moulding and also engraving technology and help us divert 254 grams of plastic waste from going to landfill.
  • Materials: 100% Upcycled Plastic
  • Dimensions : 11inch x  2.5inch Depth: 1.7 inch
  • Care Instructions: – Please protect it from falling from high places or tables. In case of falling from any place, edge breaks or peeling may occur. – Just clean it with a dry cloth in case it becomes dirty.
  • Disclaimer: – These are handmade to order and so every piece made is unique, no two are identical! – Handmade is not always perfect, while I do try my absolute best to ensure no flaws, bear in mind that slight imperfections such as air bubbles or uneven surfaces can occur.
  • ___________

Hand Crafted In India! Support Small businesses
and leave behind a better society for the next

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
Made with::
Sheet Press Machine
Source of Plastic:
Industrial waste
Type of plastic
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Moonlight : Eco-Organiser

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