The JARVIS DRE is our Solution for Monitoring your filament‘s diameter during production. With it's modular design, this unit is compatible with almost every extrusion line and helps to produce consistent filament.

Main Features:

  • Low tolerance (± 0.02 mm)
  • Compatibility
  • WiFi capability
  • Easy threading


Threading Mechanism

The threading mechanism enables you to snap in the filament while the extrusion is already running. This saves you the hassle of trying to fiddle it in while hot filament is streaming out of your extruder.

Hall Sensor

The measurements are made using a Hall sensor and a Magnet. The Magnet is placed in a lever which is pushed away by the filament. Depending on its diameter, the lever is pushed further or less further, thus altering the Hall Sensor Measurements.

ESP Chip

The measurements from the hall Sensor are processed on the ESP Chip in the back of the Unit. The Chip has the Feature to transmit all the data via wifi so you can log all the measurements to make charts and trend lines. This gives you Feedback to improve your overall process and make better filament.

LCD Display

The 4 digit LCD displays the diameter in real-time so you can conveniently monitor the filament‘s accuracy.

The JARVIS DRE comes fully assembled.

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JARVIS DRE | Precise and convenient filament diameter measurement

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