XL Modular - Notaulus Clock Mould #3

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Based on the highly successful Modular Moulds we have been producing, Recycle Rebuild have decided to create a new range of bigger moulds.

The Nataulus is the first in a series of Injection Moulded Clock Designs. The Notaulus Mould is based on the shell shape of the animal with the same name, with each notch equating to a different hour on the clock face.

The clock face is designed to work with:
Total hour hand length: approx. 43 mm (1.7 inches)
Total minute hand length: approx. 54 mm (2.1 inches)

Total second hand length: approx. 75 mm (2.95 inches)

The mould is designed for use with the Injection Machine.

The perfect mould for your Precious Plastic workshop!

Find out more about Recycle Rebuild: www.recyclerebuild.org

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