The practice of "over moulding" is not new - but the idea of injecting recycled plastic over flash drive circuit boards was an innovation that we developed to enable the first Precious Plastic USB flash drives.

We are now pleased to offer this four cavity injection mould, including the option to add your own logo as well. Make 4x flash drives with each shot

The circuit boards can be purchased from any number of online suppliers - alternatively I can supply 16gb USB circuit boards (see listing pictures) for an additional fee (sold in quantities of 20 units)H1926546733554a05b3197324df1d56377.jpg_960x960.jpg
Video of mould in use
This is an easy to use and fast mould, and can be used with any Precious Plastic style injection machine.
(thanks to Zero Plastics Australia for the video of the mould in use!)

This listing includes the engraving of your own logo on the tool

This method also ensures that the sensitive electronics are safe from any kind of damage - the flash drive that's been banging around on my keys for over a year is testament to the ruggedness of a flash drive chip fully encased in plastic!

We ship all order with DHL Express, and this mould can be made in as little as 3 days (once logo artwork is received and approved) It's possible to have your new custom mould on your doorstep within days of ordering!


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USB Flash Drive Injection Mould (Free Worldwide DHL Express Shipping!)

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