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El Tornillo
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Made on demand. Aluminium mould for Tooth brush Base (or really anything thin enough). Designed with circular guides and side cutted plates to make the assembly and desassembly process faster. Includes the conector in 1/2 inch pipe screw and the 4 screws with butterfly nuts. The final base dimentions are 4cm base diameter, 1,5cm top mouth and 3,5cm of height. Other designs on demand.

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Excellent seller, who send you an email at every step of the order. Excellent product. I will buy other stuffs for sure ! Thanks a lot.
I`m so happy with the mould! Thank you!
I received the designs very quickly. Thanks!
Thank you El Tornillo.

No complaints.
I received the mold! Thanks so much. I will play around with it this weekend and see how it works with my flakes!
Bought an awesome mould. works just super!
Excellent mould, thanks heaps
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