Aluminum mold for injetion machine. Makes 6 shells per cycle. Two units of each type of shell. The mold has inserted pins so the injected shell comes out with the hole for the chain or the cord.

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Diameter: 18cm. Height: 8cmCM
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Worked with El Tornillo many time through the years. Top quality work & machinery + excellent communication. Would always recommend ♥️
Really nice communication with El tornillo.
I have the chance to design the mould together with Andrés.
Mould is really operationnal even if finitions are not perfect (external)

I'm really satisfied of El Tornillo.
El Tornillo is amazing to work with; the flower pot mold arrived very quickly once shipped. The mold is very high quality and looks like it will last good long while!
Excellent seller, who send you an email at every step of the order. Excellent product. I will buy other stuffs for sure ! Thanks a lot.
I`m so happy with the mould! Thank you!
I received the designs very quickly. Thanks!
Thank you El Tornillo.

No complaints.
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Shell Key Holders Mold

El Tornillo
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