Pick and Mix Modular Mould Set 10pcs (With cheaper shipping!)

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Shipping to the USA and outside of Europe is expensive, but if you clump an order together its much cheaper than buying individually over several weeks. That is why we created the PICK AND MIX set for our long distance PP workspace and close ones :)

These moulds all work with Polystyrene, HDPE, PP, ABS, PS and many other plastic types to create high quality product.

You can also request a custom mould design for as little as €25.

Want to order more than 10? Contact us directly for a 5% discount on larger orders.

Other modular moulds available that are compatible with this set are:

Options to choose when ordering are:

  • Mould Only: 10 Mould Plates Only
  • Mould Set without Nozzle: 10 Mould Plates with Top and Bottom Plate Only
  • Mould Set with Nozzle: 10 Mould Plates with welded 1/2in bsp nozzle and 4 nuts and bolts.

The perfect mould for your Precious Plastic workshop!

Find out more about Recycle Rebuild: www.recyclerebuild.org

We ship globally, but are too lazy to find all the pricing options for every country upfront. Please send a request for your country for more information.

Shipping times vary due to some items being out of stock.

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions :
16 x 16 x 12CM
Weight (KG):

Domestic shipping to

United Kingdom (Great Britain):

International shipping to

United States: Free
Spain: Free
Netherlands: Free
Germany: Free
France: Free
  • One item: €32.00
  • Each additional item: €20.00
Rory is the best. Professional, on time and going the extra mile.
Amazing quality! Quick answer and shipping! Thanks.
Highly Recommended for people getting started with injection molding and don't want to spend a fortune on molds. really great little modular system to make a whole range of different products.
Just received the mold, everything was smooth! thanks a lot
Awesome service, awesome product ! I received it quickly :D
everything got delivered on time, thanks.
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