Double jenga emboss mould, "bluecycle" text. Create two jenga bricks in with each injection.

Make your games at home more environmentally friendly, the use of recycled materials in products such as board games is necessary for a better future. Why use new plastic when recycled plastic does the job?

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16cm x 9cm x 1.5cm​​CM

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This seller provides exceptional customer service. He was very patient and willing to troubleshoot all of my requests so that the mould turned out to my satisfaction. And when the product arrived it exceeded my expectations.
I assume you are selling the mold, not the hair combs. Would be good to specify it in your listing
Responsive, and the samples came through as expected and to a pretty good standard. Many thanks
Great, super service and very accommodating!
Quick turnaround, everything as expected, thanks so much!
Great customer service. Thanks Stam!
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Jenga Brick Mould V2

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