( Mar Mediterraneo Series )

Set of 7 molds (7 in 1). All our molds from the "Mar Mediterraneo" series in one pack. (save costs)

7 moulds + 1 top plate + 1 bottom plate. ( 9 pieces in TOTAL)

Robust Mold Series. Designed for high durability; 6 mm thickness of the top and down plate. ( 6 mm = aprox. 0,24" )

Kit of Molds Made up of 9 pieces ( Top plate + hexagonal plate + square plate + circular plate + heart plate + Piranha Clamp Plate + Carabiner Plate + Holder Plate + Bottom Plate).

You will be able to use any of the 7 intermediate closures, along with the top and down plate.

-->Bottom Plate; 6mm thick, 150mm x 150mm. ( 150 mm = aprox 5,9")

-->Top Plate; 6mm thick, 150mm x 150mm

-->Intermediate Hexagonal Plate; 55 mm side hexagon.

-->Intermediate Square Plate; 100 mm side squa re.

-->Intermediate Circle Plate, 100 mm diameter circle.

-->Intermediate Heart Plate, Heart

-->Intermediate Caribenner Plate, Caribenner.

-->Intermediate Piranha Plate, Piranha Clamp.

-->Intermediate Holder Plate, Holder.

For the connection with you injection machine ( plastic Inlet) you have several options;  

--> Through a hole D 8mm. "Hole 8 mm"

--> Using a conical drill. Select "Conic Drill" as optional. ( our recommendation)

--> Through a G 1/2 "Male thread. Select as optional "With Nozzle 1/2" G Male".

--> Through a G 1/2 "Female thread. Select "With Nozzle 1/2" G Female" 

We recommend using one or more support points under the down plate.

Made of regular steel.

Visit our web or to contact us for more information

Delivery is fast as we usually have several in stock

Taxes customs NOT included, (for destinations outside the European Union)

VAT Incluyed. 

If you have a valid European VAT Number, contact us, and you can save the VAT ( 21%)


( Série Mar Mediterraneo )

Lot de 7 moules (7 en 1). Tous nos moules de la série "Mar Mediterraneo" en un seul emballage. (économiser des frais)

7 moules + 1 plateau supérieur + 1 plateau inférieur. (9 pièces au TOTAL)

Série de moules robustes. Conçu pour une grande durabilité ; 6 mm d'épaisseur de la plaque supérieure et inférieure. 

Kit de moules Composé de 9 pièces (Plaque supérieure + plaque hexagonale + plaque carrée + plaque circulaire + plaque cœur + plaque pince Piranha + plaque mousqueton + plaque support + plaque inférieure).

Vous pourrez utiliser n'importe laquelle des 7 plaque intermédiaires, ainsi que la plaque supérieure et inférieure.

-->Plaque inférieure ; 6 mm d'épaisseur, 150 mm x 150 mm. 

-->Plaque supérieure ; 6 mm d'épaisseur, 150 mm x 150 mm

-->Plaque hexagonale intermédiaire ; Hexagone de côté 55 mm.

--> Plaque carrée intermédiaire ; Carré de 100 mm de côté.

-->Plaque circulaire intermédiaire, cercle de 100 mm de diamètre.

-->Plaque Coeur Intermédiaire, Coeur

-->Plaque Caribenner Intermédiaire, Caribenner.

--> Plaque Piranha Intermédiaire, Pince Piranha.

--> Plaque de support intermédiaire, "Holder".

Pour la connexion avec votre machine d'injection (plastic inlet), vous avez plusieurs options ;

--> Par un trou D 8mm. "Hole 8mm"

--> Utilisation d'un foret conique. Sélectionnez "Conic Drill" en option. (notre recommandation)

--> Par un filetage G 1/2" Mâle. Sélectionnez en option "With Nozzle 1/2" G Male".

--> Par un filetage G 1/2" Femelle. Sélectionner "With Nozzle 1/2" G Female"

Nous recommandons d'utiliser un ou plusieurs points d'appui sous la plaque inférieure.

Système de vis de verrouillage et de verrouillage, inclus.

Conception spéciale des « colisos » des vis pour un assemblage/démontage plus rapide.

La livraison est rapide, car nous avons habituellement plusieurs en stock.

Taxes douane NON incluses, (pour les destinations hors Union Européenne)

TVA incluse, 

Si vous avez un numéro de TVA européen valide, contactez-nous et vous pourrez économiser la TVA ( 21%)

Pour plus d'informations contactez nous ou visitez notre site internet


( Serie Mar Mediterraneo)

Kit de 7 moldes ( 7 en 1). Todos nuestros moldes de la serie "Mar Mediterraneo" en un Pack. ( ahorre costes)

7 moldes + 1 cierre superior + 1 cierre inferior ( 9 piezas en total)

Serie de Moldes robustos. Diseñados para una alta durabilidad. ( espesor de 6 mm del cierre superior e inferior).

Kit de Moldes Formados por 9 piezas ( Cierre inferior, cierre intermedio hexagonal + cierre intermedio cuadrado + cierre intermedio circular + cierre intermedio corazón + cierre Pinza Piraña + Cierre carabinner + Cierre Holder + Cierre superior).

Usted podrá usar cualquiera de los 7 cierres intermedios, junto con los cierres superiores e inferiores.

-->Cierre Inferior; 6 mm de espesor, 150 mm x 150 mm

--> Cierre Superior --> 6 mm de espesor, 150 mm x 150 mm

--> Cierre intermedio Hexagonal; Hexágono de 55 mm de lado.

--> Cierre intermedio Cuadrado; Cuadrado de 100 mm de lado

--> Cierre intermedio Círculo, Circulo de 100 mm de diámetro

-->Cierre Intermedio Corazón, Corazón

-->Cierre Intermedio Caribenner, Caribenner ( Mosquetones)

-->Cierre Intermedio Piraña, Pinza Piraña

-->Cierre Intermedio Holder, Holder ( Soportes para tablets/móviles).

Para la conexión con su inyectora ( plastic Inlet) usted tiene las siguientes opciones;  

--> Mediante un agujero D8 mm; "Hole 8 mm"

--> Mediante un avellanado; Selecione "Conic Drill" como opcional. ( nuestra recomendación)

--> Mediante un Macho Roscado G 1/2; Seleccione como opcional "With Nozzle 1/2" G Male".

--> Mediante una Hembra Roscada G 1/2; Seleccione como opcional "With Nozzle 1/2" G Female" 

Recomendamos usar uno o mas puntos de apoyo en el cierre inferior.

Sistema de tornillos y tuercas de apertura y cierre rápido, incluidos.

Diseño especial de los "colisos" de los tornillos para mayor rapidez en el montaje/desmontaje.

Fabricado en acero al Carbono.

Recomendamos usar uno o mas puntos de apoyo bajo el cierre inferior.

Si desea mas información, visite nuestra web o contacte con nosotros.

La entrega es rápida, ya que solemos tener varios en stock.

IVA y portes Incluidos para España peninsular y Baleares

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Muy buen servicio! El vendedor ayudó mucho en el proceso de transporte y delivery de los productos. Todos llegaron en muy buen estado.
Great quality moulds, very efficient, quick to answer and supportive. Would definitely buy again :)
Just received 'SheetPrees Mould A4 - stainless' today , and upon a brief inspection, the product appears to match the description. It has a nice finish, precise dimensions, and came well-packaged. The tracking service was useful, and I appreciate the prompt delivery. Thank you!
Perfect service, excellent quality crafted parts. I ordered a shredder kit last year and it came neatly packed by parts. Recently I have ordered molds which already come pre-assembled, all you have to do is weld. They are very quick to send the goods and always check up on the delivery and satisfaction. recommended 100%
Very good mould and I received it very fast !
Thx !
The kit works, but not at first. Wasn't really pleased as I needed to do a lot of manual grinding on all the moving parts which was annoying. Im lucky as I have lots of tools, but for anybody else that dosent I don't think it would work out.
Very fast delivery, excellent service and good price.
Thank You.
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