Engraved fridge magnets!

Variable mold:

This mold is created to inject several different engravings for a variety of fridge magnets designs. It makes 4 units per cycle, every unit can be any flat silhouette within an area of 3 cm x 3 cm, with an engraving on each side. You can upload your silhouette and engraving designs (it can be from a handmade drawing to a vector file) and I will send back a proposal for your approval. The mold can change its shape by changing the silouhette and/or the engraving parts. This means that you can make different products with some basic reassembly of the mold.

Easy and fast:

The closing plates have open side holes to improve the assembly and disassembly process. You just need to loosen up a bit every butterfly nut and it will be ready to open.  You may need some wrenches to ensure a proper closure. The magnets are placed inside the mold before each injection and end embedded in the plastic ensuring a strong attachment without any post process. It works with circular magnets of 12mm in diameter or under; and a maximum thickness of 5mm.

About the mold:

Material:Nozzle and Closing plates:   Spray painted steel 

Cavity body:    Steel
Dimensions:10 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm
Weight:1 kg

About the final product:

Material:PP, HDPE, LDPE
Injection weight: 18 gr (4 units)
Unit weight: 3,5 gr
Units per injection: 4 units
Units per hour: 30 units
Unit dimensions:
Thickness: 0,5cm


The basic mold includes:

   - 1 body with 4 silhouette cavities

   - 4 singles engraved plates (for the front of each magnet)

   - 1 engraved plate (for the back of the four magnets)

   - Plate with nozzle (screwed or cone) If different, please contact me!

   - Closing bolts: Hex. head, Ø1/4 inch, Grade 5, with washers and butterfly nuts

   - Injected product test/sample

Expand your possibilities: 

You can buy additional items like:

   - Single engraved plates for the front of each magnet

   - Plate with 4 engravings for the back of the magnets

   - Ceramic magnets of 12mm diameter and 4mm thick

I'm open to create:

I'm an Industrial Designer passionate on handworking and creating new things. Please contact me for more information or ask for different specifications :)


Some import taxes may be charged according to current policies between countries and are not included in the cost of the product.

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
10cm x 10cm x 6cmCM
Weight (KG):

Domestic shipping to

  • One item: €20.00
  • Each additional item: €10.00

International shipping to

North America:
  • One item: €60.00
  • Each additional item: €30.00
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  • Each additional item: €30.00
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South America:
  • One item: €60.00
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  • One item: €60.00
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  • One item: €60.00
  • Each additional item: €30.00
Great communication, worked with me to make sure my order was going to fit my needs and made requested modifications to fit my machine and capabilities. I'll happily order again in the future
Good communication and quick turnaround! I have done business with El Tornillo twice and plan to again in the future.
This was my first ever order from the Bazar. El Tornillo answered every question I had.

The molds are well made, and arrived on the promised time.
Worked with El Tornillo many time through the years. Top quality work & machinery + excellent communication. Would always recommend ♥️
Really nice communication with El tornillo.
I have the chance to design the mould together with Andrés.
Mould is really operationnal even if finitions are not perfect (external)

I'm really satisfied of El Tornillo.
El Tornillo is amazing to work with; the flower pot mold arrived very quickly once shipped. The mold is very high quality and looks like it will last good long while!
Excellent seller, who send you an email at every step of the order. Excellent product. I will buy other stuffs for sure ! Thanks a lot.
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Fridge Magnets Mold (Personalised figures)

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