The Sea Monkey Project design and manufacture custom plastic injection molds for groups around the world. We specialize in creating molds for fun and functional products, like all of these colorful and bold jewelry designs. From beads to charms and pendants, together we can bring your upcycled product ideas to life.

Our products range in size from 8mm to 50mm, and use from 0.25 to 5g of upcycled plastic. Our jewelry molds vary from 4-parts-per-injection, to 44-parts-per-injection, ensuring the best production value and efficiency for your project needs.

Since 2018, we’ve placed 200+ machines in 27 countries, including 7 machines located in community project sites here in Malaysia. All of our machine sets are customizable to suit the specific needs of our clients and partners, and supported by optional education, start-up, and training packages, available both on-site and on-line. We have the knowledge and experience to help you scale both the quality and quantity of your plastic production, having developed our own network of community project sites, and manufactured 107,000+ products from 100% upcycled plastic using our 3-in-1 plastic recycling machine sets.

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15 L x 10 W x 5 HCM
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Custom Plastic Jewelry Injection Mold

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