We would like to introduce you our special mould for nice shiny plastic bars. Processes of development took a year and it took many, many, many experiments to finalize this product.

You can make super shiny or wrinkled surface with nice sharp edges. It´s only up to you which technique you will use.

What you will pay for?

1. Our special mould for plastic bar in various shape ready for use (everything welded and ready to be used)

2. Manual how to create nice shiny bar

3. Flexible Aluminium Convoluted Ducting

Price includes basic model 1m long squar 21x21mm bar (For now is the smallest bar what we can create. We are working on smaller 10x10mm bar but it needs more testing)

For different shape text us for price.

But we can create for you any shape of bars. Squar, rectangle, round. small or big.

Now is avaible 1m leght. We are working on 2m long mould but its take some time, and more prototype for best results. Maybe next year.

We manufactore only based on order. It takes from 2-3 months.

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Shiny Beam mould - various shape

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