Brick Moulds V4.0. Rev 1

Regular steel Laser Cut Pieces for Simple Brick Moulds V4.0.

With our Rev1 version, we have improved the initial design of Precious Plastic, correcting some small initial problems.

The set of parts is quite robust, about 10.5 kg.

In order to have the mold completely finished, you should assemble and weld the different pieces together, according to the instructions of Precious Plastic.

Assembly Instructions

Build Brick Structures

No in stock , approx. 2/3 weeks of manufacturing.


Taxes customs NOT included, (for destinations outside the European Union)

VAT Incluyed. 

If you have a valid European VAT Number, contact us, and you can save the VAT ( 21%)

We can also supply the parts for the double and triple brick mould. Contact us.


Brick Moulds V4.0. Rev1

Piezas de corte laser en acero al carbono para Brick Moulds Simple V4.0. ( Molde ladrillo simples)

Con nuestra versión Rev1, hemos mejorado el diseño inicial de Precious Plastic, corrigiendo algunos pequeños problemas iniciales.

El conjunto de piezas es bastante robusto, sobre 10,5 kg.

Para tener el molde totalmente terminado, usted debera ensamblar y soldar las diferetes piezas entre sí, según las instrucciones de Precious Plastic.

Instrucciones de ensamblaje

Fabricamos bajo demanda ( aprox. 2/3 semanas de fabricación)


Impuestos de aduanas NO incluidos, (para destinos fuera de la Unión Europea)

IVA y Portes Incluidos para España Penínsular

También podemos suministrar las piezas para el molde ladrillo doble y triple. Contacte con nosotros y le facilitaremos presupuesto.

Brick Moulds V4.0. Rev 1

Pièces découpées au laser en acier ordinaire pour moules à briques simples V4.0.

Avec notre version Rev1, nous avons amélioré la conception initiale de Precious Plastic, en corrigeant quelques petits problèmes initiaux.

L'ensemble des pièces est assez robuste, environ 10,5 kg.

Afin d'avoir le moule complètement fini, vous devez assembler et souder les différentes pièces ensemble, selon les instructions de Precious Plastic.

Instructions de montage

Non en stock, env. 2/3 semaines de fabrication.


Taxes douane NON incluses, (pour les destinations hors Union Européenne)

TVA incluse, 

Si vous avez un numéro de TVA européen valide, contactez-nous et vous pourrez économiser la TVA ( 21%)

Nous pouvons également fournir les pièces pour le moule à brique double et triple. Contactez-nous.

Brick Moulds V4.0. Rev 1

Normale lasergeschnittene Stahlteile für einfache Ziegelformen V4.0.

Mit unserer Rev1-Version haben wir das ursprüngliche Design von Precious Plastic verbessert und einige kleine anfängliche Probleme behoben.

Der Teilesatz ist recht robust, ca. 10,5 kg.

Um die Form vollständig fertig zu haben, sollten Sie die verschiedenen Teile gemäß den Anweisungen von Precious Plastic zusammenbauen und zusammenschweißen.


Nein auf Lager, ca. 2/3 Wochen Herstellung.


Steuern Zoll NICHT inbegriffen, (für Ziele außerhalb der Europäischen Union)

Mehrwertsteuer inbegriffen

Wenn Sie eine gültige europäische Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer haben, kontaktieren Sie uns und Sie können

Mehrwertsteuer sparen ( 21%)

Wir können auch die Teile für die Doppel- und Dreifachsteinform liefern. Kontaktiere uns.

Brick Moulds V4.0. Rev 1

Pezzi tagliati al laser in acciaio normale per stampi per mattoni semplici V4.0.

Con la nostra versione Rev1, abbiamo migliorato il design iniziale di Precious Plastic, correggendo alcuni piccoli problemi iniziali.

Il set di parti è abbastanza robusto, circa 10,5 kg.

Per avere lo stampo completamente finito, è necessario assemblare e saldare i diversi pezzi insieme, secondo le istruzioni di Precious Plastic.

Istruzioni di montaggio

Non disponibile, ca. 2/3 settimane di produzione.


Tasse doganali NON incluse, (per destinazioni al di fuori dell'Unione Europea)

IVA inclusa

Se hai una partita IVA europea valida, contattaci e potrai risparmiare l'IVA (21%)

Possiamo anche fornire le parti per lo stampo in mattoncini doppio e triplo. Contattaci.

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Excellent service and exceptional communication. This supplier truly went above and beyond to make sure I had all the pieces needed to start my project. I will not hesitate to do business with them again.
Muy buen servicio! El vendedor ayudó mucho en el proceso de transporte y delivery de los productos. Todos llegaron en muy buen estado.
Great quality moulds, very efficient, quick to answer and supportive. Would definitely buy again :)
Just received 'SheetPrees Mould A4 - stainless' today , and upon a brief inspection, the product appears to match the description. It has a nice finish, precise dimensions, and came well-packaged. The tracking service was useful, and I appreciate the prompt delivery. Thank you!
Perfect service, excellent quality crafted parts. I ordered a shredder kit last year and it came neatly packed by parts. Recently I have ordered molds which already come pre-assembled, all you have to do is weld. They are very quick to send the goods and always check up on the delivery and satisfaction. recommended 100%
Very good mould and I received it very fast !
Thx !
The kit works, but not at first. Wasn't really pleased as I needed to do a lot of manual grinding on all the moving parts which was annoying. Im lucky as I have lots of tools, but for anybody else that dosent I don't think it would work out.
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Simple Brick Moulds V4.0 ( Laser Cut Pieces)

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