Compression oven (Used) is used to melt plastic in molds/forms that are then transferred to the compression platform below. The compression platform is raised by a hand crank to compress the two halves of the mold and allowed to cool under 
pressure.  Once cooled, the mold is removed and opened to reveal the finished part. 
-Originally built by Precious Plastic USA
-120V stainless steel commercial convection oven
-Interior dimensions 120V: 18.5"W x 14.5"Deep x 9.75"H  
-PID temperature control
-Timed heating
-20"x20" compression platform
-Steel powder coated frame
-Side mounted hand crank storage
Hexagonal bowl compression mold.  Fabricated with .125" steel plate based on Precious Plastic design files. Melt 
plastic in oven and compress the two halves of the mold to form your own unique bowl.

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Compression Oven (Used) and Hexagon Pot Mold

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