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Upgraded Shredder Box Kit (New Version 3.3)

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Precious Plastic has recently come up with its latest version of the Shredder Basic. Stronger, easier to assemble, and more accessible than ever before. (Link to the new drawings here)

As always Recycle Rebuild and our partners at Reading Shredding have made some tiny modifications and put all the components in a neat and handy package for you to build yourself.

What's Changed Since v2?

  • Upgraded shaft from 20mm to 30mm for extra shredding strength (The old V2 lacked the structural strength to handle thicker plastics)
  • Thicker Steel Plates. (Used to be welded 3mm, and 4mm plates. Now its 10mm and 5mm)
  • Weld Free Design. (Everything bolts together so no welding skills required)
  • Redesigned Mesh. (The old mesh was really hard to get in and out, now it's much stronger and the design is different to avoid needing to hammer it out!)

What Did Recycle Rebuild & Reading Shredding Change?

  • Redesigned the shaft to be easier to assemble by the user.
  • Adjusted some of the tolerances for our laser cutters.
  • Added small dimensional changes to make the build easier and more enjoyable without compromising strength.

What's Included?

  • Fully Built Kit (If selected!) or Flat Packed for Cheaper Shipping.
  • Lasercut Parts (Cleaned and ready to assemble) (tapped and countersunk where required)
  • 30mm Machined Hex Shaft
  • Pre Welded Mesh and Mesh Support (See Photos)
  • All Nuts & Bolts
  • High-Quality Flange Bearings
  • A Step by Step Guide on How to Assemble.
  • My support over the phone if you have any questions :)

Optional Extras

  • Hopper
  • Hand Crank


Can I attach this to a motor? - Yes, with ease. You can connect the shredder basic to a single phase 1.5kw motor with 1:30 gearbox. If you need help finding this we can share our supplier.

Can I use a hand crank instead of a motor? - Yes, but depends on how strong you are. We wouldn't recommend it for starting your own recycling business, but it's a great demonstrational piece.

How hard is it to assemble my self? - Precious Plastic machines are designed to be easy, and this is one of the easiest. Think of it as a 3D jigsaw puzzle that comes with a guide! However, you will need 2 spanners/wrenches to assemble properly and few Allen keys.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask either via the chat box above, via whatsapp +447864756974 or via email [email protected] .

If your shipping location is not included in the options, please message us and we will happily add it. (We ship globally)

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The customer service is amazing and the seller extremely friendly. Can’t wait for the order!!
Recycle Rebuild + The Circular Designer a great seller with international shipping, all you need to start your own plastic recycle project. Helpful service and fast delivery.
Great moulds and cheap postage. Rory was really helpful at every stage of the process.

Would highly recommend!
We cannot recommend Rory enough, incredibly helpful, fast and professional with all our orders.

If you are wanting to have an injection machine workshop and need moulds or help getting that dream alive, then go no further! You have found your man.

Will always be back
Amazing quality, at fantastic prices. Rory was responsive, helpful, and even gave a brief call to answer questions. :)
Communication with Rory was fast, clear and Easy going.
Molds are a great price and shipped fast, even over seas! These molds are well made and easy to use and have added a lot of variety to the products we are able to make in our shop!
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