Hello everyone,

Introducing the Precious Plastic Shredder Version 2.1!

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks.

Our shredder is designed to make plastic recycling easier than ever. Here's what you need to know:

  • Durable Construction: The knives and fixed knives are crafted from high-quality stainless steel for long-lasting performance.
  • Customization Options: You have the choice between two configurations - the shredder with a funnel or a handle. Tailor it to your specific needs.
  • Bespoke Solutions: Need a unique configuration? We can create a custom auction just for you with a dedicated price, including shipping.
  • Worldwide Shipping: Don't see your country listed for shipping? Not a problem! Just reach out for a quotation, and we'll add your location to this auction. For international shipping, please provide us with your exact destination so we can calculate the best options and prices.

Our shredder kits include precision laser-cut components, ensuring top-notch quality and ease of assembly. When you purchase our shredder, you'll receive:

  • Stainless steel or regular steel knives and fixed knives (5mm)
  • A fully assembled and welded shredder
  • A sieve with 5mm holes
  • Bearings for smooth operation
  • A 27mm hexagonal shaft

If you prefer, we can manufacture all components using laser technology and precision machining.

Revolutionize your plastic recycling efforts with our Precious Plastic Shredder Version 2.1. Order yours today!

Please let me know if you need any further information or if you'd like to make any changes to this text.

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Czech republic
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I'm very satisfied, I got the Shredder Kit Version 2.1. Well done job, well packaged, quick shipment with Fedex, fair price. One of the hoper's sides got a little bent during the Fedex transportation but with a little careful hammering it's back as new.
I'm very happy with my order!
Fast delivery and working perfectly.
Thank you very much!
Great Seller. Quick message response time. My item was shipped quickly and it was packaged well. I ordered the shredder, some welds were good, others could have used some work, but overall, it was a great product at a great price.
Made to order. Great product. Great communication. Very proactive.
I'm really happy with this seller.
schredder has been deliver in a short time.
The product is clean and works correctly.
Ratio Quality/price is good

I recommand this seller
After ordering, the seller asked if we could use a "special bank account", which i refused, since it sounded like tax avoidance.
I wanted to do the trade properly, I needed the invoice.

The product came broken. It was poorly packaged, only one piece of cardboard around it - so it HAD to brake. It was a poor package choice, not an error of the carrier - which was what the seller said.

He basically said it is my problem now, I need to ask for refund with the carrier - which I could not do, because i did not receive an invoice.

Up until today I work with a barely fixed, hardly working machine, did not receive any invoice (even though he said he would do it).

Very unfriendly, very uncooperative, and even with polite conversation from my side he on his side was extremely rude, impolite, unhelpful.

Not worth the stress. Buy somewhere else.
The shredder has arrived within two month in a poorly made packaging.
The shredder was broken due to the packaging. Just a carton box with one axis out of the box.

Now begins a two month exchange per mail, with someone who bearly speak English.
At the beginning that person doesn't want to refund us. So we make a deal to repair the shredder.

We sent back the shredder, after 3month of battle with UPS and him. UPS confirmed that shredder has arrived to the seller. But the seller affirmed us the opposite.

1month later, the battle with the seller is over. He sent us back the shredder, and.... He was broke again...

I don't recommend this seller, 5month for a broken shredder, no customer services or someone capable of handling an issue properly.
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The Shredder Kits Version 2.1 (Stainless Steel Knives and Fixed Knives) - Handle or motor you can choose

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