The comlete shredder With knives and fixed knives from stainless steel

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Hallo everybody,

This is the version 2.1 of the shredder.

I can make any configuration you need and create a dedicated auction for you with dedicated price with shipping

If your country is not mentioned in the section where to send the shredder - please ask me for quotation and I will add that location to this auction.

I think that I can ship parts without any issue in whole Europe. The cost of shipping in Europe is 50 euros.

If I need to ship worldwide I need to know the exact destination (need to check the price and possibilities).

This shredder including all parts made laser cut technology and the shredder is completely assembled ready for use. Knives and fixed knives are made of stainless steel. The rest parts are made of classic steel S235 JR. The hexagonal shaft is 27 mm and of Steel S235 JR.

The shredder including:

* The shredder is Assembled

* comleted welded

* Sieve with 5 mm holes.

Country of Origin:
Czech republic
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Czech Republic:
  • One item: €10.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
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  • One item: €45.00
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The seller was very kind and reply at all my question. The shredder take less than one week to arrives in Italy.
I recommend he!
Upping the price to 240 + 35 shipping when said in pm 265 total, taking a full month to send and then adding the same item at 225 ...
Received it to Canada in 5 days after payment. Is too fast. Thank you very much. All parts nicely cutted off. I didn't have any problems to assemble the shredder. Thank you
Good shredder! Good Communication! Delivery to Italy without problems. Top seller. thank
Bought shredder kit from this seller. Good accurancy. No problems. I will recommend this seller.
Good communication and goog time delivery in france for my first shredder. i did already some shred with it and it works as i axpected.
thanks you
Took way longer than expected well over a month (shipping took like 6 days), he was very friendly through communication though, after precious plastic team was kind enough to help. However, the shredder wasn't usable when I received it, it gets its teeth stuck and physically could only rotate in reverse without catching the framr, with nothing being shredded of course, the teeth themselves are already chipped, and damaged. Also the teeth are not uniform and have lots of horizontal slack which I can easily move side to side.
The shredder with handle comes with a lever but no actual handle to grip, or way to ensure the handle wont slide off during use. I really wish I could post pictures. I filed the teeth and now it turns like it's supposed to. For the money I spent including shipping I'm very disappointed now that its here. Like I'm patient, if things are weird and take a long time I can deal with it. But it took wayyyy longer than stated and wasn't even usuable.
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