Shredder V3.3 (Diassembly) kit, based on Precious Plastic design

We include;

* Laser cut pieces, in regular steel.

* 2 blade or 3 blade teeth please confirm once ordered.

* 4 units M14 threads, made in the side plates.

* 1 Shaft according to Precious Plastic design, in regular steel.

* 2 Bearings, according to the specifications of Precious Plastic ( UCFL 206).

* Laser cut parts for sieve holder and sieve (sieve thickness 1.2 mm and D 6 mm)

* Screws and nuts.

All laser cut parts are made from regular steel.

This new version does NOT require welding (only for the mesh and mesh holder), and assembly is easier.

The pieces are supplied un-filed, so you will have to file them and adjust the pieces to the final size.

We have a manual with photos, plans, etc... to facilitate its assembly. ( Manual in English or in Spanish)

* Welding is not necessary, so assembly is considerably simplified. ( weld only for the sieve and the sieve support).

* More robust shaft, 36 mm hexagonal.

* More robust bearings. D 30mm.

* Shaft with key-way incorporated.

* Thicker side plates.

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