We have in stock 4 shredder 'boxes', module, or sub- assembly with a slight modification to the version 3

Mainly, the sides are aluminium blocks instead of welded stainless plates, which I think makes this stronger. Also the shaft (stainless) has been extended and it has key seats machined for a standard gearbox or bore (18 mm). Rest of the parts and blades are in stainless steel.

Delivery to UK included, 35 € extra for Europe. 

I personally donate part of my profits every month to Precious Plastic (plus other environmental / social causes) so if you buy from me you'll be supporting them too! :)

Discounts are available for my own patreon supporters (patreon.com/singularmars) and also if you buy other of my products or services. Also a discount is available if you prefer to assemble it yourself, we can send it in parts for you to assemble

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The part fits as a glove and is of outstanding quality.
A big thumbs up from a 200% satisfied customer !!!
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Shredder 'box' (slight modification)

In stock
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