Shredder in Stock ready to go on a journey.

Hello from Poland Europe :)

Fully Made and assembled Shredder :

  1. Box welded and painted Black and screwed together (box has some small scrathes on the surface ) S355
  2. Teeths and axis - out of S355 steel ( harder and stronger - beware of Stainless Steel Machines they break EASY)
  3. Bearings UCFL
  4. Runs smooth
  5. Sieve 10mm and 5mm Included
  6. High quality NORD Gearbox and NORD motor -1,1kW - 440Nm of torque
  7. Frame welded out of 30x30mm profiles - Just simple frame with shelves
  8. Electric box : with Switches - ON/OFF and Left / Rigth ( when jammed you can Reverse - with 220V / single phase shreddders you cannot do this.) , motor circuit breaker included - safety feature , and ofcourse Safety : STOP, and 3-phase plug ( 16A)
  9. Hopper included.
  10. Coupler HRC 130 with Taper Bush 

Before you BUY! - ask me about the shipping fees.

IMPORTANT : Price without any tax - If you want tax then write first.

I Just have added shipping to USA and CANADA, Austria added to the list.

my website : www.shredding.pl


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Shredder Fully Built- After tests woks smooth hard materials, Good Motor.

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