Mini portable Shredder

In Precious Plastic Slovakia, We believe, that plastic recycling should be more and more accesible, thats why we came with this mini shredder.

This mini portable shredder is perfect for a starting recycle shop, with minimum cost and space required. (3-4 times cheaper than a regular shredder)


  • 1,6 kW motor + integrated Gearbox
  • 60 rpm output speed
  • Lightweight construction 21 kg
  • 230V 50Hz
  • Wired contol to ensure forward and reverse operation.
  • Emergency stop
  • Welded hopper 11x11x17 cm
  • Machine dimensions 37x30x17,5 cm
  • Laser cutted blades
  • Easily transportable
  • 4+ kg of shredded plastic/h
  • After 15 mins of shredding we recommend a Machine cooling break 10 mins due to overheating

Note: Does not contain sieve and frame

Recommended usage:

You can easily attach shredder machine to your work table and start shredding immediately.

Disclaimer to our Mini shredder usage and safety:

1. Our machine is designed for shredding thin plastic (no more then 2 mm thickness)
2. Between the shredding process, make breaks, in order not to overheat machine
3. Put smaller amounts of plastic waste at the same time, during shredding process

Otherwise fatigue of machine can appear very quickly

From safety:
1. Please use gloves and safety during shredding process

2. Never put hands into the hopper, while machine is plugged in

Write us about the shipping cost calculation for other countries.

We are on mission to make small scale plastic recycling more accesible

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We received the pots and they are amazing! Great quality! Thank you so much!
I’m from Hawai’i and was shipped safely and a quick arrival. Very happy with the machine would recommend purchase 100%. Grateful for an affordable shedder especially someone who is just starting. Mahalo.
Useful shredder very suitable for small plastics, delivery happened in time and good quality with a small present. I appreciated the safety and handling guidance and the very kind contact.
Shredder is already in use. :-)
Order has arrived to Hungary in ONE day. The seller is very nice and helpful, because of payment problems I had to pay through paypal, but everything went fine. I'm happy with my order!
Highly recommend!
great parts for shredder v2.1 arrived timely and in good shape all the way to US! everything was ready to go, 100% will order more!
Martin Vasko delivered just as promised. He was very helpful and considerate in getting the mini shredder delivered to me in Ghana.
I bought shredder 2.1 kit from PP Slovakia.
Delivered in two days with a small present :) Guys were super helpful and willing to advise.
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Mini Shredder fully build

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