Shredder Machine (V3)


  1. 2 HP Single Motor
  2. Gearbox NMRV90 1:30
  3. Shredder Body
  4. Other Supporting systems


  • Single axes Shaft of EN 8 Blades with hardox
  • Dimensions: 600x300x1200 mm
  • Max. Production Output: Depending upon the material
  • Hopper Loader: M.S. Fabricated Hopper
  • Structure: MS fabricated heavy‐duty structure made from angles, and channels and Covered with sheet


  • Forward and reverse control with the Emergency button. 
  • Power supply: Single Phase 220V/ Three Phase 400V/50Hz 
  • A Multifunction Emergency switch is located on the machine and control panel.
  • Power Consumption is 1.5 kW

 Injection Machine + Free Pot Mould (CE Certified & Factory Made)

This Injector is designed for robust production and has gone through numerous versions over time. The machine is designed in such a way that every part is adjustable according to the need of the situation.

  • Cast iron parts are used in this machine for long life
  • The machine could be dismantled and can be transported easily
  • The barrel is machined with high precision and have thicker walls for even heat distribution
  • Adjustable nozzle height according to the mould
  • Mould placement and locking system for a smooth production cycle.

Ideal for more complex molds with higher production rates. It's lightweight and portable, making it perfect for educational settings and small businesses.


Barrel: 32 mm Diameter/ 250 mm Long

Plunger: 31.5 mm Diameter/ 410 mm Long

Nozzle Bore: 3 mm

Heater: 54 x 140 mm

PID: Multispan up to 400 ℃ Single unit

Weight: 55 Kg

Package Dimension: 60 x 40 x 90 cm

Voltage: 220/110V

Flake Input: Small/ Medium

Capacity: 120 gm per shot

Adjustable Setup according to the mold

Material: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PLA, ABS, TPU.

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79 x 74 x 158CM
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I am from Japan and I bought a 600 x 600 mm sheet press recently from carbon fusion.

It is working absolutely fine.
No one else around the globe can offer me at this best rate.
There is no compromise in the quality of parts they have used and assembled.

Sellers around my country
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Combo Unit - Injection Machine & Shredder (V3)

Carbon Fusion
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