Shredder is an environmentally friendly device that can shred waste plastics and other waste recyclable resources for recycling. In terms of comprehensive utilization, it is a device that turns waste into treasure. The shredder is a machine with a low-speed and high-torque knife roller. It can decompose large objects into irregular small pieces. It is a professional machine for shredding solid waste.

NameShredder Pro
TypeDouble Shaft Shredder
???? Version1
???? Price new material in USD$8,400
⚖️ Weight280 kg
???? Dimension1205 x 680 x 1500 mm
⚙️ Blade width6.35 mm
???? Voltage240VAC
⚡️ AMP22A
⏱ Monitoring interval time1h
⚙️ Geared Motor60:1 helical reducer
– Nominal Power4kW
– Nominal Torque1600Nm
– Output Speed15-25 r/min
Output kg/h (varies by material)10-50kg/h
– Minimum Service Factor1.5 (2,2kW) / 1.25 (3kW)

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V4- Shredder Plastic Recycling Machine

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