A heavy-duty industrial shredder that can size reduce plastic/wood/mixed waste. Its capacity reaches 300-500kg/hr and output size is around 40mm.

This single-shaft plastic shredder is ideal for handling 

  • Plastic flashes, runners, lumps, purgings generated from plastic processings.
  • Scrap plastic pallets, knitted bags and big bags.
  • Scrap plastic films and sheets.
  • Scrap plastic panels, rods and bars. 


  • Rotor width spans from 600mm to 1500mm
  • Automated pusher keeps plastics close to the rotor
  • Output size is controllable between 20mm and 60mm
  • Durable blades lasts for 2 years (8 hours/day)
  • Compact design with multiple models available


  • Safety self-controlling module for safety devices supervision
  • Electric motor from 18.5kW to 75kW
  • Power supply: 400V/50Hz (protection degree IP55 and inslulation class F)
  • Multifunction PLC
  • Emergency switches locate on machine and control panel.
  • Control panel protection degree is IP55


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Plastic Shredder - Industrial Use - Complies with CE

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