The JARVIS Pro Shredder is the big brother of the JARVIS Shredder. With an increased working width of 150x200mm, even larger plastic parts can be shredded into high-quality granulate. Our shredder ensures a uniform granulate with high precision.

This consistency is particularly important for further processing (e.g. with an extruder).

You can also check out this video to learn more.

Main Features:

  • Precision granulator with exchangeable sieves
  • High material throughput
  • All-stainless-steel machine
  • CE certified


  • 20-70 kg/h grinding capacity (stronlgy dependent on material and sieve size)
  • 230 x 180 mm Grinding chamber opening 
  • 3 x 400V, 50 Hz power supply
  • 280 rpm rotor speed



Blades double and replaceable.

The blades of the JARVIS shredder are made of a single piece of steel, which is why there are no imbalances or welds. They can be replaced when worn.

Rotor blades: 3 pieces

Stator blades: 2 pieces

Emergency stop and safety

The JARVIS shredder is CE-certified and has an emergency stop switch that immediately turns off the motor when pressed. Thanks to a special funnel it is not possible to push one's hands up to the blades.

Special Sieve

A stainless steel sieve is mounted directly under the blades, which guarantees that only granules of the appropriate size enter the material box. The sieve can be easily exchanged and e.g. other sieve sizes can be used. All sieve sizes are available from us (Ø 3-30 mm).
The special feature of our sieve are the 45° holes. This guarantees that no elongated pellets pass through the sieve and that the result is completely consistent granulate.

Motor and Flywheel

The JARVIS shredder runs on a powerful 2.2 kW motor which is coupled to a massive flywheel with V-belts. The flywheel allows an enormous power build-up to shred even the toughest plastic parts.

The JARVIS Shredder comes fully assembled.

The JARVIS Shredder uses three-phase power but we offer a single phase version.

The price does not include 19% VAT.

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Dimensions :
With high stand: 78,7cm x 54cm x 161,6cm –––– Without high stand: 78,7cm x 54cm x 125cmCM

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JARVIS Pro Shredder - Professional plastic shredder

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