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Mini Sheet Press DIY Parts KIT- 220VAC 14A, single phase, 3kW- 45x45 cm sheets

Mini sheet press for household power!

Making sheet-pressing accessible to everyone

45x45 cm sheets! up to 20mm thick.

  • Aluminium heated beds 1500watt each
  • heating up to 250C
  • Heated beds insulated from metal structure
  • Spring loaded top bed with 3 ton spring force (4x7.5 kN) over 25mm for continuous pressure during melting process
  • 3 ton manual hydraulic jack, standard size easily replaceable
  • Plug and socket connections for sensors and heaters
  • replaceable powercable with standard C14 plug
  • 230v single phase 3kw
  • Stainless steel electronics enclosure with 2 PID controllers and 2 SSR 40A and cooling fan
  • Dissemblable in 7 main parts
  • Separate standalone frame (like in the foto's)
  • Fume Extraction hood hole diameter 150mm

extra options:

  • Weld parts welded 450€
  • Electronics prewired 200€
  • Threads tapped and countersunk holes countersunk 200€
  • Leg set ( like in the pictures) 200€
  • Cooling press version also available
  • Mould base with tub and lid, mild steel or stainless stee
  • Screw-down thickness frames in multiple sizes

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hello i live in zurich switzerland, can you send me this machine to switzerland
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Mini Sheet Press DIY Parts KIT - 220VAC 14A, single phase, 3kW- 45x45 cm sheets

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