Complete Precious Plastic Machine Set Disassembly Version

The Original Precious Plastic Machines are amazing! Its robust design makes it super reliable, easy to use and throughout the years we have seen multiple versions made over the world. That's why this year we join together the 6+ years of experience of the team and revisited the original design and make some final improvements to make it even better, more durable, and easier to transport.

Due to the new design, the product is easier to ship. With this redesigned machine build it is easier to assemble, maintain and transport for those who want to take the machine to demonstrations, workshops or events.

The new designs features:

  • High Quality Laser Cut Parts
  • High Quality Coated Pieces
  • Disassembly mechanisms
  • Speed & Direction Controllers
  • Safety Mechanisms
  • Heated Elements in Insulated Barrel
  • Wood Base.
  • 220v options.
Compression Oven

-220V stainless steel commercial oven. 480mmx450mm compression platform. Coated steel frame.

VIVA Lab is a registered company with Tinker City in Portugal under VAT number 514383798 and as such we are able to issue invoices for your order.

For orders outside of the EU, shipping will be made through CFR (delivery to the main port). The client is then responsible for the import and local transport from the main port. For a more precise quote to the nearest port please contact us.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via the Bazar messenger.

Country of Origin:

Item location

  • Porto
  • 8-10 weeks
  • Free
  • Rua da Boavista 730, 4050-466 Porto, Portugal

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
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  • One item: €170.00
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  • One item: €170.00
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  • One item: €170.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00
  • One item: €170.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00
Wonderful experience. The Shredder was built on time. I chose to pick it up to visit their wonderful city and got the chance to visit the FabLab. Exactly as planned, very helpful, kind and welcoming people. I highly recommend their machines, they are compact and excellent to start off in a home workshop since they are all built for 230V.
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Precious Plastic Compressor Machine - Compress Plastic Waste to Create Sheets

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