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The Original Precious Plastic Injection Machine is a marvel. Its simplistic design makes it super reliable and has seen multiple versions made over the world. That's why this year the Precious Plastic Team in France decided to revisit the original design and make some final improvements to make it even better, more durable and easier to transport. As a part of that team and one of the designers of the revised machine, Recycle Rebuild are selling these machines fully built, or as kits.

The Kit Version includes all the parts needed to build the Injection Machine but is not wired up. Instead, you get all the parts fully powder coated & welding done for you. There are detailed instructions on how to wire this yourself but if you are looking for a more plug-and-play version then the Fully Built Version is here.

Due to the new design, the product is easier to ship and fits in a 100cm x 25cm x 25cm box, weighing less than 30kg. The whole kit can be easily shipped globally, and Recycle Rebuild are always looking for ways to get HQ machines to as many people around the world. So it seems fitting that we sell these kits.

The new designs features:

  • High Quality Laser Cut Parts
  • High Quality Powder Coated Pieces.
  • Insulated Barrel
  • Heated Elements are Fully Covered.
  • Solid Wood Base.
  • 220v/110v options.
  • Plug & Play Electronics (When assembled)
  • Shipped with your countries plug.
  • Designed to work with our Modular Mould Sets (and most other PP Bazar sellers)

These are currently made to order so the lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Both kits come with assembly and user instructions to help get you started quickly!

As an established Precious Plastic Bazar seller, you can buy with confidence of high quality fabrication and fantastic customer service. Our key goal is to help you get recycling!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via the bazar messenger or via our website www.recyclerebuild.org

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United Kingdom
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25 x 100 x 25 PackedCM
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