We will produce a portable injection machine for you.

The dimensions of the flightcase are ca. 60x60x80cm. The box weighs 50kg, so it's pretty stable when set up, but still easily carried around by two persons.

The setup of the machine is very easy and straight foreward, it takes around two minutes to assemble and disassemble.

The offer includes:
- flightcase, modified as pictured above
- modular injection machine rigged to the flightcase, can be easily disassembled to fit into the box for transport/storage
- insulation for the barrel
- all necessary controllers, heat bands and sensors and switches, pre installed
- prefabricated wires

For warranty reasons, you will have to connect the wires yourself, or even better, have an electrician do it for you. That way you can be sure that everything is safe to use. 230V is nothing to mess around with!

production time: 4 weeks from payment

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Injection machine inside a flightcase portable 60x60x80cm

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