Heater control system for extruder and injection machine.  The box is laser cut out of MDF. Circuit board inside thus no internal wiring ( maintenance free). Heater bands are connected via PCI-e plugs for ease of use. Power is supplied though a standard 3 prong kettle cord(Kettle cord not included). 

You can connect any heater dimensions to the system (110V or 230V). Please note that the max capacity of each controller is 600W per channel, i.e. max load of 1200w in total. 


- Housing 

- 2x PID temperature controllers

- 2x PCIe female connectors to connect your heater bands to

- 12x PCIe female pin heaters.  

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A Great job and very nice and friendly seller. can only be recommended.
Rarely have I met such a courteous and helpful salesperson. I can really only recommend him!
Awesome communication, great product (screw and barrel) and fast shipping to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Hope to work together in the future again! :)
Seller's communication is excellent. The part of the order that i received was wonderful craftsmanship. There was a problem with the shipping and part of the order was lost. This seller worked with me to make it right. Recommended.
Are you looking for a seller who would assist you all the way, ready to listen to you and has a quick response rate on the website or off the website, you have found him right here. I needed help with some details on building my shredding machine, i reached out to him, he responded promptly and gave me honest suggestions and contributions. It's as if we are building the machine together.

Contact here today if you want a prompt, reachable and smooth job.
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Heater controller box

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