The JARVIS Winder is a winding unit for 3D-printing filament. It uses a particularly intelligent speed control to pull the still soft plastic wire into the correct diameter and carefully wind it onto spools.

You can also check out this Video on how to use the JARVIS Winder.

Main Features:

  • Perfect Winding
  • Up to 20 meters per minute
  • automatic speed adjustment
  • compatible with all precious Plastic extruders



The puller is the first component of the Winder the filament comes in contact with. The spring-loaded silicone rolls adapt perfectly to any thickness and grip with enough force to make even a snow groomer envious. Stainless steel ball bearings and the powerful Nema stepper motor are the ingredients for smooth operation with friction in all the right places.

Filament Ferrari

This component, through which the filament slides, moves step by step to the right and left, across the entire width of the spool with breathtaking accuracy.

This achieves a level of perfect winding never seen before. Threading the filament in is easy and quick, because Ferrari drivers don't like to lose time.

Spool Axis

In the center of the JARVIS winder is the winding axis, which has the most elementary function. The spools are placed on it and with the help of a sophisticated twin system, they are fixed so tightly from both sides that they almost seem to be part of the machine.

The axis is driven by an over-engineered motor that constantly checks whether the filament is running on tension or not. The brain of the JARVIS winder is a microchip that evaluates all sensor values and controls the interaction of the three motors.


To ensure that JARVIS obeys its owner to the letter, we have taken great care to program an intuitive user interface.‍

The LCD display shows all relevant information and parameters can be easily adjusted with the rotary knob.


With the help of the laser mount, you can calibrate the JARVIS Winder to any spool.

The laser is activated by pressing it lightly into the mount, then the calibration is started by selecting the homing function in the LCD menu.

The Filament Ferrari automatically moves to the end of the axis and knows its position (sensorless homing).

Then the Filament Ferrari can be moved to each of the two spool edges to set the spool width individually.

The JARVIS Winder comes fully assembled.

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Length: 40cm, Height: 32cm, Width: 20cm (25cm with LCD)CM
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JARVIS Winder | Make high quality 3D-printing filament

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