This is a machine that recycles pet bottles into 3d filament You can have unlimited free filament for your 3d printer and also save the globe being involved in recycling. As in image shown you can make 80gr of filament from one 10l bottle. Also an image shows a phone holder made with pet filament. This machine has everything you need to make 3d filament, including an autostop that stops the machine when the filament is finished. How it works: the bottle is feed between the 2 cutting bearings (adjustable height by turning the dial gear), then it passes trough a modified hotend, heated at 200C°, then it winds on the spool with the help of a stepper motor. When finished you can feed it to your 3d printer and here you go, you have free filament. 

 Some specifications:

 Power source 

110V AC for USA- Please send me a message if you want the 110V version and cable for USA.

220/230V AC

 Power output 120W max

 Low electricity consumer. 

Most of the parts are made out from pla plastic, the ones which are near some heat source are made out of asa plastic. You can also join our facebook group for more informations at Youtube:

Please allow up to 10 days to ship because we dont have always ready machines to supply. Ussually it will take from 1 to 3 days. 

For other locations please contact me

Note: the customer is fully responsabile for picking up the package, due to high cost of shipping if a package returns because the costumer did not pick it, the costumer have to pay again the shipping costs. So, be sure you left the right address, phone number, etc.

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RoboPET diy 3d filament machine from pet bottles

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