The new TinyPET is a machine that helps you make at home unlimited ammount of 3d filament from PET bottles
It is a tiny (about 450x250x180mm)and complete machine, with everything you need to accomplish this procces
It has an easy knob controller for the motor speed, an easy to control thermostat and comes with the adjustable bottle cutter, so you can adjust the width of the strip up to 13 mm (you can process almost any PET bottle)

Low power consumer since it operates at 12V.

It comes at about 80% assembled. For assembly to its final stage, users must screw 4 m4 screws for each side, 2 m5 screws for the motor, 4 m4 screws for the cutter and 3 m4 screws for the filament welder. It will be covered in a close future video, which i will share it here. All this takes 5 minutes max.

I provide full support, by mail, almost at any hour, any day of the week, as i did before with my other machines, i hope my costumers are happy, also each costumer can have all the stl files for free, just message me and i will send them.
After the final assembly the machine is plug and play, even with the assembly the user do not have anything to do with the electronic parts, which are all wired already.

What does not include:
 Power cord other than EU plugs, because are hard to find in my country, and too expensive if found. So, if you are ordering from other country that dont use the standard 230V power cord i cant send you the right plug.

For other countries than EU, US and UK, please contact me about shipping.

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Excellent machine for making 3D printer filament. Very easy to use and well-built. I like that it is a two-part design so you can cut the bottles separately. and the seller is friendly and easy to contact if you have any trouble.
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TinyPET diy 3d filament machine for pet bottles

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