Complete Extruder with variable speed 1/4HP DC motor and gear reducer.
120/240VAC powers motor and four 300watt heaters regulated by two PID controls.
Mounted to steel frame.
Supplied with 3/16" nozzle tip. 
Custom machined, tapered compression screw. 

Shipping is NOT FREE, shipping charges will be calculated and due when your machine is completed.
Current production lead time varies from 4-8 weeks, please message for current lead.
Machine can be collected or shipped by LTL freight. 

Please contact for additional ordering and shipping information.

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The part is compatible with shredder versions 3 and 4. The quality of the weld is impressive.
Javier was very fast to send it! Thank you very much for your help.
thanks! Awesome!
We received the package and are very happy with your speedy response to my package problem.
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Extrusion Machine Made in the USA

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