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We are an Austrian Startup, witch is specialized on building semi industrial plastic recycling machines and we make plastic recycling project all over the world with NGO´s and Industry. Also we offer all kind of services around setting up platicrecycling workspaces, workshops, product development,... feel free to contact us at [email protected] We are based in Austria - but our home is planet earth. ;) We build t he only semi industrial plastic recycling Machines in the Precious Plastic Universe with CE Certification!
Singular MARS Ltd
Mechatronics, Aerospace, Recycling & Renewables solutions for a better future
Megatec. Center is a company dedicated to the production and comercialization of plastic recycling machines, machine kits, parts, molds, accessories and recycled plastic creations. The company was created in order to help people to recycle plastic in their homes, schools, offices, communities and more…
At FOS we work to make products that won't be a problem at the end of their useful life by combining the right designs, materials and processes. Since we believe products should be produced within a resonable radious from the production point we don't only sell the products, but also the moulds that allow anyone to make these sunglasses in their ecosystem. You can visit our webpage | see our Instagram | or email us SEE OUR PRODUCTS More
Recycle Rebuild
Recycle Rebuild is a UK based SCIO registered charity that empowers communities to recycle waste into affordable, high-quality building materials and products, whilst providing an immediate source of income for those affected by the plastic problem. We ship internationally and are available for support 24/7. More information about the charity can be found at
Precious Plastic Slovakia
We are on mission to make small scale plastic recycling more accesible Our project Precious Plastic Slovakia was established in 2018, with goal to work on low-cost plastic recycling solution locally. Currently we are operating shredder and injection machine, also we are developing mould for injection, manufacturing parts for shredder machine. Our team consists of 7 people. Contact: [email protected] Whatsapp : +421908042658 Team Precious Plastic Slovakia
Shredder Manufacturer Jacek Leśnierowski
I'm a huge fan of plastic recycling. I agree with Dave that together we can change the world and decrease the plastic polution on earth. I have access to materials and people who have the machines and can create some parts for me. I created based on Dave's instructions a shredder and it works perfect :) Unfortunetly I don't have enough place to create other machines.... But I hope it will change in the future. I'm intrested in plastic pyrolisys - convert plastic waste in to oil.
El Tornillo
We design and create molds for the Precious Plastic's machines. We have some molds in stock for immediate delivery or we make them on demand. Please contact us! We are passionate on handworking and creating new things. We love working with recycled plastic to keep useful this wonderful material. Hope you love our work too!
Precious Plastic USA
Building Precious Plastic machines in Portland OR.
BMH Solution
BMH Solution is recycling machines manufacturer, located in Istanbul/TURKEY, we are able to build all Precious Plastic machines and produce all parts. We are glad to serve to the nature. [email protected]
arle gro . - We are two brothers from the West of Germany. We live in the heart of a former coal mining and steel industry region and we are very glad to just marvel at these old industry complexes which impress you with their massive machines and profan but still smart technic. Our grandparents often told us stories about dirty air making it impossible to dry laundry outside without having them to wash again. But over the past few years there grew up new smokestacks, the smokestacks of waste incineration plants. Again we are polluting our air. Not that we can't dry our laundry outside, - these plants have various filters - but really everybody knows that we have to reduce our Carbon Dioxide emissions drastically. Instead we burn plastic that could have a second, a third, ... life. arle gro . is tired of feeding garbage cans whose waste is then burned to ash - cause plastic is different from the Phoenix. To bring it back to life you have to melt it instead of burning it. You have to... More
Plastmakers are turning plastic waste into value-added products. We offer components, small moulds as well as equipments for processing plastics. The shredding, pressing and injection moulding of plastics allow different objects to be produced in pieces. By buying, you are encouraging further open source development of affordable plastic processing in the heart of Europe. For more information visit Tom
Biji-biji Initiative
Biji-Biji Initiative is a social enterprise that focuses on creating social and environmental impact through sustainable solutions, such as our Beyond Bins campaign that engages with underserved communities to recycle and produce recycled plastic products made out of plastic waste within their own community/villages. We create a circular loop by engaging corporate partners that enables these products to be sold for additional income for these communities. With Beyond Bins, we embody the practicality of sustainability; we are excited to involve you in this movement! Website: Facebook: /bijibijiinitiative Instagram: @bijibiji.initiative More
Crea-Cregy SAS (Arnaud)
Gustave Eiffel used to say : "savoir faire et faire savoir". it means doing it well and let it know. this is what we do for now more than one and a half year. All our machines are made here in France, with records and quality checks all over the building process. Mainly focused on making shredders for plastic motivated all over the world, we can offer injection machine and interesting moulds to start with success your new business. Sidewise, i am personally involved in a repair café where we collect used equipment, we take them appart and keep the useful parts. when i have some spare time, i shred printers, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners to recover plastics and make new items. follow us on Facebook, you will see machines in operation sent all over the world ! More
Precious Plastic Malaysia
Building and Precious Plastic machines to promote the importance of recycling plastic. So that to make a better and brighter future. Visit our website at For more information and examples visit: IG: FB: Email : [email protected] More
We supply various products and advise on the fight against plastic. Honesty and quality at a fair price Suministramos diversos productos y asesoramos en la lucha contra el plástico. Honestidad y calidad a un precio justo. Visite nuestra web: Nous fournissons divers produits et conseillons sur la lutte contre le plastique. Honnêteté et qualité à un prix juste Wir liefern verschiedene Produkte und beraten im Kampf gegen Kunststoff. Ehrlichkeit und Qualität zu einem fairen Preis Forniamo vari prodotti e consigliamo sulla lotta alla plastica. Onestà e qualità ad un prezzo equo
Reading Shredding
We as human beings are prone to error – it’s just a fact of life. That means it’s something we need to be aware of and put processes in place to manage this huge issue – or as most humans think, not my problem thus it goes unchecked until we walk over it. Without processes to manage human error, you put your future at risk, you put your future generations at risk which will have serious ramifications by default. pick it up and shred it back into a suitable pattern of use over and over. Educate. Can I please inform customers we are not liable for any VAT/duties/admin/broker fees levied by customs in those few places around the world. Brexit has brought about uncertain unfinished trade directions in a few countries. Please message us to allow assistance on receiving an order in each location and what is available to avoid customs duties by "self clearing your order" if needed to remove that devient added cost, if applicable. We are happy to sort out the shipping and protections of the parcel to your... More
Plastic-Hub is the biggest contributor of the Precious-Plastic open source movement We're a 100% open source vendor and mainly produce for communities, schools, universities, small enterprises and startups and provide after sales support. Our activities donations to various talents and teams in the community develop new machines, updates and fixes of the machines develop various open source software tools: Precious-Plastic Wiki Language, and machine firmware extensive community support in the forum and Discord since 2 years maintenance and support of community projects and activities The team Guenter - Senior software and hardware engineer from Germany Anne - Communication and sales officer from France Daniel - Lead engineer from the UK Nials : Product Designer, from the UK Projects Asterix : Full automatic bottle vending machine for schools and bars. Precious Plastic Library : maintenance and updates for Precious Plastic machinery Precious Plastic... More