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Crutchfield Engineering
Your one stop machine shop for all your precious plastic machines. We cater for the South African and African continent mostly but welcome customers all over the world. We can build all the Precious Plastic machines and moulds/molds for your needs. We have a design and manufacturing facilities.  Need to rent a machine at our premises? No problem.  We are based in Johannesburg , South Africa
HDPE Recycling Company
The Old Alaska
Alaska born, Australia based engineer working to create new and interesting sustainability focused innovations. https://theoldalaska.com.au
Negro Neón
Negro Neón is a unique store of recycled plastic jewelry, all of our products are made from plastic waste from our community. We combine different colors that result in mesmerizing paterns. Located in Guadalajara, México. We ship world wide and also sell wholsale :)
Our Story,  For many years, we have been looking at the amount of rubbish that flows through our surroundings - from apartments, houses, schools, workplaces through entire cities to the whole world, rivers to the oceans.  A common question is where these tons of mostly plastic end up, what's going on with it? Globally, we do not know, but locally we can see that it is in the forest or in the ditches by the roads. Therefore, while taking a walk or running, we collect plastic individually, in groups at school meetings. However, in the timeline, most of  plastic rubbish is within our basic reach, at the household level.  We decided to turn it into a product.  And we did it like this: We sort the plastic according to the number in the triangle We shred it with a home made shredder inspired by Precious Plastic We melt it and press into the mold with an injector powered by PV energy  
Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches is an upcycling social enterprise that uses waste to promote environmental sustainability, community engagement and education within Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  We employ the circular economy model to provide workshops within our own venues as well as providing outreach programmes to outside organisations to upskill, train and empower local groups and support vulnerable communities. We also sell a range of handcrafted upcycled design collections on our online shop to create economic opportunities for local makers while actively reducing and reusing waste. Find out more at  https://www.govanhillbaths.com
Friendly greens
Aim of this market  To sell raw material harvested with different contributions, from individuals or groups school, parish, offices, in order to get money for helping Tanzanian poor villagers to have water, school materials or other needs. 
Studio Plastiek
We recycle local plastic waste to a new raw material and use that to make plastic sheets. From the sheetmaterial we aspire to make new products.
Precious Plastic East
Precious Plastic East runs a coastal plastic recycling and manufacturing workshop in Great Yarmouth recycling local waste plastic from businesses, residents and beach cleans. Set-up in March 2022, Precious Plastic East cleans, shreds and injection moulds the plastic it collects in its all singing, all dancing workshop built using Precious Plastic blueprints. All the plastic used is either post-consumer waste or plastic retrieved from the sea on local beach cleans. Precious Plastic East is the trading name of Wastesmiths CIC which is a social enterprise and operates for purpose rather than profits. Any surplus funds it generates from trading are reinvested into achieving its aim of reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill and the sea.
Formation BX
Formation BX is a sustainable design company centered on reclaiming plastic waste for use in closed-loop, small-scale manufacturing. We collect and process post-consumer plastics to create beautiful, functional products. All of our products are 100% reclaimed plastic and made in New York City.
We imagined; a dog leash as smooth as a hairless cat. Bursting in colours that look good enough to sniff and lick. And thoughtfully made to help the fight against plastic pollution.     Most dog leads squish your hand when doggo pulls, bounds ahead, gets extra energetic or suddenly halts for something sniff worthy. Andre the Chihuahua (our Chief Inspiration Officer) threw convention to the dogs to re-design the standard dog lead. The HI JAC dog lead was created. A leash to prop your pup's style and Play nice with the Planet®
GB Manufacturer
Hello, I am Gaurav Bhosale From Pune City in Maharashtra, India. I Started This Shop In 2016. I Am A Special Purpose Machine Manufacturer. I have Researched About All Precious Plastic Machines. & We Make Those Machines For Better Plastic Recycling. GB MANUFACTURER is a registered company in INDIA under VAT(GST) number 27CLMPB1494G1Z1 and as such we are able to issue invoices for your order.
Claire Ellis Ceramics
Innovative functional ceramics focused on alternative materials, experimentation and changing perceptions of waste Claire Ellis is a Canadian-born emerging ceramic artist and designer based in Naarm (Melbourne). While working as a chef at the internationally acclaimed restaurant in Naarm, Attica, Claire began making tableware for the tasting menu and created a ceramics studio within the restaurant.  Claire’s chef experience influences her work through a focus on raw materials and experimentation. Her research focuses on incorporating transformed waste materials into her work including glass, plastic, eggshells, ceramic sink trap waste and broken ceramics.  After leaving Attica to focus on ceramics in April 2021 Claire completed two artist residencies and two solo exhibitions part of Melbourne Design Week and Craft Contemporary. In 2022 Claire’s work was exhibited in Paris and Milan Design Week, it won the innovation award at the Warrandyte Pottery Expo and it was a finalist in the... More
clement knives
recycled plastic collected from the beaches of south west scotland and hand forge chefs knives these blade are made for performance with high carbon steel (not stainless) that gives you an amazing lasting edge with easy sharpening.
Andrew Middleton
Andy's Recycling Machines, based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, I make the pallet sized MultiMelt Machine, with the Extruder, now with Arbor Injector and either the Compressor Oven, or the Shredder, all together on a strong metal frame, easy to transport (as a pallet sized transport) and half the size of the 3 machines by themselves, small enough to fit in almost any place (standard pallet size = 80cm x 120cm)... if you have a small workshop then this format is ideal I also make one-off machines, the Shredder, Arbor Injector, Extruder and Compressor Oven ;-)
Remix Plastic
Anthea Madill runs Remix Plastic, a sustainability education project by Clever Green Limited. Remix Plastic engages people in a conversation around reducing single use plastic consumption and creating a circular economy. They share skills and knowledge to empower individuals to make sustainable changes.  Remix Plastic takes the 3D printer waste from the local library makerspace, chips it up, melts it into sheets and then laser cuts the sheets into unique products. “With local waste we create products that have a sustainable story - not only does this divert waste from landfill but also provides a way to engage people in a conversation around reducing single use plastic. It embeds concepts like kaitiakitanga and circular economy into works.” Anthea Madill is interested in all levels of the waste reduction conversation: government and policy, business and academic research, and individuals and households. She works to communicate high level concepts and research to everyday people that want... More
We are Julia and Thebe, founders of JUBE. We found our inspiration while digging into the old jewellery boxes of our mothers and grandmothers. We found some funny-looking plastic rings, dating back to the 70's, 80's and 90's (yes, apparently our mothers were fashionista's at the time) . We loved wearing these colourful chunky pieces and so soon after this we decided that we wanted to create these rings ourselves.We started looking into how we could make this rings and soon realised that producing more plastic, in a world that already cannot cope with the amount of plastic waste, was against our beliefs. And so, we started looking for alternatives. That's how we found Vincent, founder of Utoplast, located in Trondheim, Norway. Vincent creates all kinds of things out of recycled plastic and immediately got super excited about the rings. And so our collaboration started. After collecting plastics from households, streets, factories and other places he shreds it into small pieces, whereafter he melts it... More
SparkLiv Innovation
SparkLiv is a social impact company based in Lucknow which works towards creating circular economy of plastic waste. Our vision is to be a torch-bearing social impact company in Uttar Pradesh which provides sustainable after-life to all types of discarded plastic waste through circular economy. Our mission is to run a socially and financially viable recycling model, by curating products from plastic waste collected directly from waste generators and creating a market for these products among environmentally conscious individuals/institutions.
Precious Plastic Javier
Javier Offering hope to our only planet Based in Australia developing plastic recycling alternatives.
Poly CycleSystems Inc.
At Poly CycleSystems, we manufacture, sell and operate small-scale plastic recycling systems to help communities turn their plastic waste into brand new products. Our mission is to make it possible for any community to make recycling a job creator, profit generator, and a beneficial piece of infrastructure. Through the use of our systems, anyone is able to start their own business selling products made out of recycled plastic. We currently sell products and recycled plastic out of our local workshop in Ottawa, ON in addition to creating machines for those interested in starting their own recycling ventures. 
Asociación Marea Verde
Asociación Marea Verde es una organización sin ánimo de lucro con sede en Pontevedra, Galicia dedicada a reducir la cantidad de desechos plásticos en los océanos de Galicia. Creemos que todos pueden marcar la diferencia en la preservación de los entornos costeros del mundo. Es por ello que trabajamos para promover el reciclaje de plástico de manera responsable y eficiente. Creemos que esta es la mejor manera de minimizar el daño ambiental que causan los desechos plásticos y ayudar a preservar los océanos del mundo. Estamos decididos a reducir los desechos plásticos e inspirar a las personas a vivir de manera más sostenible. Nuestro objetivo es crear un futuro en el que los residuos plásticos ya no sean una amenaza para el medio ambiente.
CRUTEC Co., Ltd.
Crutec Co., Ltd. is a top leader of crushing solution and dedusting technology in Korea industry. Our representative products include PET bottle granulator, low/high speed plastic granulator, shredder, dedusting machine, color mixer and automatic feeder machine for raw materials. Especially, when it comes to the dedusting machine called DUSTZERO, we have a patented the  dedusting technology (Turbo cyclone) selling exclusively in Korea and all around the world. In addition, we are participating in ESG management and carbon-neutral policies in  cooperation with excellent domestic and foreign companies. CRUTEC is a global group with high technology certified as a venture company, strong  growth potential, and a company certified by FTA companies, INNO_BIZ and MAIN_BIZ. We will do our best to be your successful business partner through  continuous R&D and technological innovation. Homepage :  https://www.crutec.co.kr/ Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channe... Instagram :... More