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Website: Instagram: @troozoos Facebook: @troozoos
PBS Machinery
Machine builder from Zwolle NL. Mainly focussed on extrusion, Injection molding and special machine building. Website: Linkedin:  Peter-Bas Schelling Instagram:  Peter-Bas Schelling More
Crutchfield Engineering
Your one stop machine shop for all your precious plastic machines. We cater for the South African and African continent mostly but welcome customers all over the world. We can build all the Precious Plastic machines and moulds/molds for your needs. We have a design and manufacturing facilities.  Need to rent a machine at our premises? No problem.  We are based in Johannesburg , South Africa
HDPE Recycling Company
Plastic valley
Plastic valley recycled plastic and make new items.
Precious Plastic Maleon
Creamos maquinaria, moldes, partes y motores Precious Plastic contribuyendo al universo situados desde las necesidades de las personas que gozarán de transformar plástico y contribuir con el planeta. Nos ubicamos en México, Guanajuato, León.
The Old Alaska
Alaska born, Australia based engineer working to create new and interesting sustainability focused innovations.
Precious Plastic Vienna
Precious Plastic Vienna. Operating from Vienna, Austria. Supporting the recycling community since 2018. Contact us for products, material or cooperations anytime! :-)
UP_designlab was born in 2020 with an idea, recycle plastic bags, which are discarded by the commercial sector and not only. We collect plastic bags from business waste; we classify them by type of plastic (HDPE and LDPE) and colors. Once the separation is done, we begin our process of designing our “plastic fabrics”, a collage cluster, we play with the different colors, textures, and types of plastics; once the design is defined, we take it to a compression machine that fuse the plastic through heat. From there, we start a handmade work which result is an unique product made with recycled material. 
About VIVA Lab A Fab Lab that Inspires people to Learn and Innovate through Making, so that together we change our world for the better. As the leading players of the  Precious Plastic  movement in Portugal, with over 6 years of experience working closely with the Precious Plastic Community, Founded by one of the original makers behind the Precious Plastic movement in Portugal VIVA Lab seeks to further impact the local society by empowering the community to take action on Making Plastic Precious.  How do we do it? R&D of Machines  adapting them to local projects, businesses & communities. Design & Developmen t of Products and solutions using plastic waste. Through  Education  we can teach local communities the potential of recycling plastic waste By seeking our participation in  Events  we further raise awareness to the Precious Plastic project Building a Community  in Portugal that will spark and boost a alternative plastic... More
Precious Plastic India
We are a team of Machinist who aims to make the Industry grade, Robust & Efficient Machines. All our Machines are CE Certified and based on Precious Plastic Designs. We have redefined, recreated & Upcycled plastic waste to make creative & beautiful Products like Plastic Panels, sheets, Jewellery Products, Coasters, Pots, and many more. Based on our concept of " Recycling At Source"  we offer Waste Management Consultancy, Semi-industrial machinery for smart cities projects, Municipalities, Hotels & Resorts. We provide Turnkey Solutions for Waste Management, Building Micro-Factories, Sustainable Labs & Recycled plastic Workshops.
Our Story,  For many years, we have been looking at the amount of rubbish that flows through our surroundings - from apartments, houses, schools, workplaces through entire cities to the whole world, rivers to the oceans.  A common question is where these tons of mostly plastic end up, what's going on with it? Globally, we do not know, but locally we can see that it is in the forest or in the ditches by the roads. Therefore, while taking a walk or running, we collect plastic individually, in groups at school meetings. However, in the timeline, most of  plastic rubbish is within our basic reach, at the household level.  We decided to turn it into a product.  And we did it like this: We sort the plastic according to the number in the triangle We shred it with a home made shredder inspired by Precious Plastic We melt it and press into the mold with an injector powered by PV energy  
Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches is an upcycling social enterprise that uses waste to promote environmental sustainability, community engagement and education within Glasgow and the surrounding areas.  We employ the circular economy model to provide workshops within our own venues as well as providing outreach programmes to outside organisations to upskill, train and empower local groups and support vulnerable communities. We also sell a range of handcrafted upcycled design collections on our online shop to create economic opportunities for local makers while actively reducing and reusing waste. Find out more at