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Welcome to Modular design for Precious Plastic customers around the world.  

A Modular format of V3.3 New Design Shredder machines to suit all operational requirements involving Plastic recycling process. From cost of operation to granulation per hour and a Modualr machine design to suit the PP community.

ModualrDesignPP was gifted this page from the previous owner, who has allowed this modular principle of the V3.3 Modular thinking to be brought to life for the Precious Plastic Community. 

The word "Plastic" – The world’s most talked about waste blighting the world’s land's and oceans, from their single-use unacceptability as defined by Media and daily common sence around us all, plastics have become one of – if not the – most talked about ‘wastes’ on the planet. ModulardesignPP is required to promote greater reuse and recycling of plastic re-usability. But where does recycling/shredding fit in? Look no further than ModulardesignPP.

We believe that a Modular format of the V3.3 brings a difference within all area's of recycling and with a benefit use of different size of shredder with your specific recycling or operational needs within the environment/Circular/Substainable Goal we all dream of in the future. 

By use of 3 cutting blades on each rotating tooth the modulardesignpp design allows for an increase of granule output due to the increased cut of each shaft rotation. The design cutting output is a productive direction at a cost saving per hour.

The new design V3.3 will be available in different model formats for your specific workshop, cost, eco, interchangable needs. The principle of the modualr direction is small to larger machine, but with a difference of conversion between all the shredder machines that shall be presented to the community via this page.

The reduced/mini V3.3 is at a cost level to suit the minimal recycle needs of the operator. This Mini modulardesignPP can now be operated by use of a crank handle, reduced KW motor or torque drill with variable speed and torque setting allowing the operator to set the RPM or NM requirement. This Mini 7 blades design is at a cost level to suit those customers of Precious Plastic who feel a drill, smaller KW motor or crank handle operation is suitable, still effective to get that task completed without a motor or wormgear cost.

The Open Source V3.3 basic - 14 blade has already been placed in the 4 corners of the world with a power defined by the operators of Motor setup or crank handle usage.

The ModulardesignPP designed V3.3 - XL 21 blade is making its mark out there and is favourable with 1.5KW to 2KW plus power/wormgear systems/setup for operation.

The principle of the designs is that all machines described will inter-change via a conversion kit at much lower cost. or if you feel that one week a small task is required. the design is interchangable with simplicity for the user of the V3.3 Machines. 

An example being. If you purchased the Mini or 14 blade and feel in the future that the 21 blade is a more suitable operation as your needs grow. Buy the conversion kit from the Mini or 14 blade by adding only the required conversion to make that Shredder into the 21 blade and the other way round. up or down in the operation as you feel the need for recycling or as you grow in the PP community.

The XL upwards can be configured/built to accept 8mm and 10mm teeth Shredder/Crusher requirement. Please message for operational interest.

if you require international shipping not listed, please message to allow assistance to your location. Customs Duties and tax may be added to the citizens of certain countries around the world. Please be aware when ordering. Modulardesignpp does not pay the customs duties on shipped items.

Please contact if you require further information or advice.

Thank you

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Shredder looks great! Fast shipping and kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you!
toujours pas de collie et ups me demande Des frais d’importation s’appliquent à ce colis. combien ????? sa fais 3 fois que sa dit reporter et reporter
My build came as stated and of high quality as stated by Alana. I will remain in contact with her company in the future. She has excellent comms and took me all along the process without an issue. great to deal with this lady
My shredder, hopper, and sieve arrived in good condition and everything looks good. Alana has been most helpful at all stages. I am so grateful for the work Alana put in to this project. Thank you.
Alana is the REAL DEAL. She was very helpful in getting a shredder of my specifications and budget delivered to me in Ghana. She communicated every bit of detail until the shredder was delivered. I highly recommend Alana.
I purchased from another site and good Quality with fast delivery to me in Glouchester Uk. Alana was great to deal with and the information during messages was great and informative. I will be dealing again with Alana on here this time.
I found that stevin was the most helpful with my hopper. He sent me all I needed about it. when I got it delivered it was very nice and strong. it was so easy and perfect fit for me as I needed with no trouble. Thankyou for help me and I liked how nice it looks. I feel safe now
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