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unit 8 40 wilton road
Reading , Berkshire RG30
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

If you're looking for a new kit to start shredding, then please explore our Modular Kits concept for ease of assembly and de-assembly.

Kitchen Built                                                           Make - Shredder Single-Phase - Reverse Mode

Microlight Simplicity                                              Build a bicycle powered shredder

New 14 Blade Design in its Simplicity                  Human powered shredder

Some Light Music                                                   Gear and Sprocket operations

Power another operation from One Motor/Gearbox combination. Huge saving for workspace

Motor: Factors when building a shredder machine is a gear ratio that converts motor speed/torque to the desired rpm. The motor/gearbox should be selected based on these factors - available KW power, speed range (motor RPM), starting frequency, reversibility, torque, and other factors like, HP, Nm for choosing motor/wormgear/hoist motor. Please ask us for Motor/Gearbox specification needs.

Coupling: Our choice of coupling for these Machines are the LoveJoy spider coupling. The L100 or the L110.

Lovejoy coupling ends can be bored to suit the shredder shaft to keyway need. The other part of the coupling can be bored to your chosen Motor/gearbox setup. If your lucky in a WWW search, these LoveJoy couplings can be found used but still sturdy with a cost to suit.

The word:  "Plastic" – The world’s most talked about waste blighting the world’s land's and oceans, from their single-use unacceptability as defined by Media and daily common sense around us all, plastics have become one of – if not the – most talked about ‘wastes’ on the planet.

ModularCentro Continue to Ship Products to all Regions


Modulardesignpp Welcomes you to the community. 

Howdy — Willkommen! — ¡Bienvenido/a — Bienvenue — Benvenuto/a Bem-vindo/a Välkommen Hoş geldin Witaj — Добро пожаловать — üdvözöljük — fáilte — أهلا بك — स्वागत हे — ようこそ — welkom — wamukelekile — selamat datang — da’anzho — yá'át'ééh — — and to all world community, we pass you a warm welcome from Modular Centro

Safety:  Shredders can be dangerous and must be understood, as can the respect we show when using hand and power tools in their daily operations. We ask you to please be aware of the dangers and familiarize yourself with safe working practices/operations/build process you undertake. Shredders are designed to reduce objects to smaller pieces/granulate – Blades rotate/crush and shred. Don’t let this be you or anything/anybody you care about! Please make sure you understand the safety involved with use of Shredder machinery.

Enhancement: V3.3 designs are making their mark around the world. We would like to make customers aware that the V3.3 shredders can be spray painted or powder coated depending upon the customer choice of colors for business brand, your product launch or your educational campaign. Consider the impact of color branding and how the improvement of coating will bring the shredder alive with color branding impact. Colors evoke emotions, moods, and feelings. So, spray away and bring your V3.3 alive to who you are inside.

Shipping: Please message your location to be added to the shipping list if you do not see it listed in the shipping section or find you cannot order due to location issue. Please be aware of your shipment lead time during order process. This may be between 3-5 days or 1 to 2 weeks depending on order process of the community.

We operate a five Business days procedure. When counting “5 business days” we do not work weekends and seasonal national holidays. This means we are open for the community from Monday till Friday and are closed on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays being rest days).

Please check your shipping Destination. We are doing all we can to keep the price low. Certain international customers may find that imported goods could be subject to import/customs duties. Customers may be asked at destination (DAP) by shipping/Postal company.

Greater Cause: Every order goes to a greater cause within the precious plastic community all around the world. Your order placed is a donated dream to others in need around the world.

Please contact if you require further information or advice.

ModularCentro do all we can to help the community as you matter to us. When we ship an order and it is late in transit due to the very busy Christmas season or other long celebrated periods, postal strikes. Its a nervous time for all and corrected fast once we are aware.

 We do our best, but rarely an late received order could be out of our control once we ship, Please communicate with us via message or Email with information that concerns you as the customer. 

Please try to chat first. Placing an disposition review will not resolve what you as the customer really need, resolve it fast by communication. Communication is good as it gets a concern done fast.

if for a reason your shredder is transit damaged or you find something unusual with your delivered item/s. Please communicate to allow us to replace/assist and advise, plus, we will also contact shipping companies on your behalf if a delay occurs.

Also, we will help you with correct operation of crank handles to motor requirements. We are here to help the community to the best of our ability. We are happy to share an excel file to assist you with Calculations to fit your project.

Thank you

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1 items sold
as aboveCM, New
Quality Engineering and very Affordable Design- The XL MicroLight Shredder - Cost Effective "Handy Design" for the community. Shipped as a kit at a low...
In stock

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3 items sold
As per Precious Plastic SpecificationCM, New
We have gone "RETRO" for the community with the V2.1 Stainless Steel Shredder Laser Cut Parts. This Retro Parts kit is now the perfect design tolerance for...
In stock

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2 items sold
145x210X375MMCM, New
Very Affordable Basic Shredder But With a Modular Difference, - Set of 7 x 10mm thick shear 2 or 3 cutting blades choice for those larger granulation...
In stock

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9 items sold
As per Precious Plastic SpecificationCM, New
We have gone "RETRO" for the community with the Regular Steel V2.1 Shredder Laser Cut Parts. This Retro Parts kit is now the perfect design tolerance for...
In stock

 Shipping available

7 items sold
377mm X 210mm (wide) X 145mm (High) with Box Cutting Area: 124mm x 224mm CM, New
Very Affordable and community favorite - Extruder Shredder - set of 10 x 10mm Thick Cutting Blades for those operations that want Shredding/crushing...
In stock

 Shipping available

42 items sold
Quality Engineering and very Affordable Design- The MicroLight Shredder - Cost Effective "Handy Design" for the community. Shipped as a kit at a low cost...
In stock

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23 items sold
145x210x300MMCM, New
Very Affordable Basic Shredder, - Set of 14 x 5mm shear 2 or 3 cutting blades choice for those operations that need Shredding. Complete kit to be built...
In stock

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12 items sold
as aboveCM, New
V3.3 New version Mini 7 Blades Shredder - Affordable Cost and Quality Engineering. Shipped as 2 blade shredder but with option to order the 3 blade version...
In stock

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5 items sold
as aboveCM, New
latest version 3.3 of the Mild Steel Shredder XL 21 - Rotating 2 cutting Blades or 3 cutting blades - Affordable Quality engineering. We know...
In stock

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6 items sold
As aboveCM, New
V3.3 Latest Version of the Stainless Shredder Basic. Affordable Complete Kit or built We know shipping is important to you: Guaranteed trustable...
In stock

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Seller Reviews

Coli reçu un peu en retard par rapport aux délais annoncés. Ensuite les éléments (rondelles, rivets...) se trouvaient dans le carton en vrac sans emballage, des rivets étaient tordus donc inutilisables. Une fois monté le broyage est quand même compliqué, c'est dur, vite épuisant, il y a beaucoup de frottements entre les lames et la manivelle fournie n'est pas de bonne qualité. Elle se tord facilement dès que ça bloque, elle aurait méritée d'être vraiment plus solide. Dans l'ensemble je suis déçu de mon achat même si l'ensemble est solide, je pense à mettre un moteur car ce n'est pas envisageable de continuer manuellement.

(translated by the Bazar Team)
Package received a little late compared to the announced deadlines. Then the elements (washers, rivets...) were in the loose box without packaging, the rivets were twisted and therefore unusable. Once mounted, the grinding is still complicated, it's hard, quickly exhausting, there is a lot of friction between the blades and the crank provided is not of good quality. It twists easily as soon as it blocks, it would have deserved to be really stronger. Overall I'm disappointed with my purchase even if the whole thing is solid, I'm thinking of putting in a motor because it's not possible to continue manually.
Excellent services. Very fast response.
A fantastic product machined to exacting levels of accuracy. Great communication and assistance throughout the process. Arrived well packaged and in great time. Would definitely recommend to buy from the team.
Very Quick to respond to questions; knowledgeable about shredder construction and parts sourcing; Order shipped quickly and delivered in perfect condition. They are a very good asset to the PP community.

I highly recommend!
very Happy with my purchase, very reasonable price, quick shipping. Seller answered all the questions I had.
Purchased a shredder body and duct from alana and reading shredding , very professional , kept up to date every step of the way , very hassle free. Would definitely recommend and buy again , goods nicely made and dispatched. thank you

oh and on time !!!
I purchased a shredder kit from Reading Shredder a few weeks back. I had no experience building a shredder, first time bazaar buyer and was a little skeptic about being able to gather all the right parts. Alana was great from the start, he answered all my questions pertaining about the kit and he gave me a bunch of building recommendation (motor type, coupling, etc)

He kept the me informed through out the whole process, from production schedule to shipping and receiving. The package had no delays with customs. No hidden fees, it was a pretty straightforward transaction.

The Shredder kit is great, built solid, it has all the parts. I’m currently in the middle of wiring it together. Hope to share and post final build.

I would recommend and will buy again from RS without a doubt. The customer service and open communication is priceless, it kept my anxiety down and has encouraged me to purchase from the PS bazar in the future.

Thank you Alana & Reading Shredder
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