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We as human beings are prone to error – it’s just a fact of life. That means it’s something we need to be aware of and put processes in place to manage this huge issue – or as most humans think, not my problem thus it goes unchecked until we walk over it. Without processes to manage human error, you put your future at risk, you put your future generations at risk which will have serious ramifications by default. pick it up and shred it back into a suitable pattern of use over and over. Educate.

Can I please inform customers we are not liable for any VAT/duties/admin/broker fees levied by customs in those few places around the world. Brexit has brought about uncertain unfinished trade directions in a few countries. Please message us to allow assistance on receiving an order in each location and what is available to avoid customs duties by "self clearing your order" if needed to remove that devient added cost, if applicable. We are happy to sort out the shipping and protections of the parcel to your country. its then for you to collect or instruct the shipping company of your delivery option to your door. Other options are helpful to those affected. Just message if you have a concern or request.

This statement is all I can say at this time with a big sorry. but I understand its going to get better soon with understanding and compliance due to multi-national companies moving away from the devient international shipping companies affecting customer/supplier relations. What a mess the big boys make of the world we live in.

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very happy with my shredder, Alana is very professional.
I strongly recommend is work and in the future I will make more purchases from this seller
Shredder looks great! Fast shipping and kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you!
toujours pas de collie et ups me demande Des frais d’importation s’appliquent à ce colis. combien ????? sa fais 3 fois que sa dit reporter et reporter
My build came as stated and of high quality Alana stated. I will remain in contact with her company in the future. She has excellent comms and took me all along the process without an issue. great to deal with this lady.
My shredder, hopper, and sieve arrived in good condition and everything looks good. Alana has been most helpful at all stages. I am so grateful for the work Alana put in to this project. Thank you.
Alana is the REAL DEAL. She was very helpful in getting a shredder of my specifications and budget delivered to me in Ghana. She communicated every bit of detail until the shredder was delivered. I highly recommend Alana.
I purchased from another site and good Quality with fast delivery to me in Glouchester Uk. Alana was great to deal with and the information during messages was great and informative. I will be dealing again with Alana on here this time.
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