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These sheets are made from 100% recycled HDPE.

  • Max size is 100*100cm
  • Thickness availables : 0,5cm, 1cm, 2cm
  • Price for 100*100*1cm = 150€ without taxes
  • Price out of the press, finishing/sanding/polishing isn't included.
  • Bulk prices : -5% if 5 pieces or more, -10% if 10 pieces or more
  • PP sheets also possible, just ask !

So, where does that plastic come from, are you wondering ?

This HDPE comes from household waste, mainly bottle caps. They are collected by an association named "Souffle un peu". It means "Take a breath", because if allows dozens of adolescents and adults with disabilities to come and spend time with friends, having activities together and even some work, for example : sorting caps by color and plastic type ! Each person finds a task he's able to do, according to his mental and physical abilities.
The money earned from that sorting job allows them to buy new equipments and continue their activities, and I couldn't be more happy to work with them ! ❤



The plastic is then shredded and washed in the Geotrupes Plasticus workplace, by my personal little hands.


Okay, great, but do I even ship ?

Of course I do ! But I can't calculate shipping costs for every quantities and every sizes, so .... Contact me to know more! :)


Do you want to know more about Geotrupes Plasticus and my activities ?
My website is now active, and you can also find me on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic
Weight (KG):

Item location

  • Mesnil-Eglise
  • 3-5 business days
  • Free
  • Workplace is located @ Houyet, Belgium

Domestic shipping to

  • One item: €50.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00

International shipping to

  • One item: €25.00
  • Each additional item: €25.00
Review for High Density Polyethylene - Clean & Shredded - 30kg and more.

great plastic. I will buy again
Great and friendly service..
Clean and well packed.

Excellent service, smooth communication, friendly and quick response! I was in a hurry to prepare a workshop with a tight deadline, and the seller helped me prepared all the very specific color and the parcels arrived perfectly in time! Already recommended to my friends and colleagues! Thanks for the small samples you sent as well, really appreciate all your efforts!
Excellent seller, great communication, friendly and easy to deal with. Will definitely buy from again *****
Very friendly, cooperative and quick communication. I needed a very speedy delivery and it worked out amazingly fast. Plus very supportive of choosing the right material and supplying options on colours. Would always order again. Big thanks!!!
Marie is simply the best! She has the fastest response time and is so so dedicated to what she does. I had very specific requests about the color and she sent me loads of photos so I could pick the right colors. She is also collecting special colors for me, so I am looking forward to making even more orders when she has collected the plastic :D
She also washed her plastic in a very environmentally correct way, and I am happy to know that I am buying from an environmentally conscious vendor.
Fast and clean, will buy again!
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