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Our Plastic Flakes are made of consumer waste. People from our surroundings collect their plastic waste to save it from being burned in waste incineration plants. We sort it, shred it and wash it so you have a purely and clean raw material as the best starting condition to new great products.

Sorting the plastic we pay special attention to sort colours according to colour. So we ensure that your products have a homogenous strong colour. Moreover we can offer you uncommon colours like pink, purple, brown, ... from time to time. For their availability check out the drop down menu above.

The Plastic Flakes are made of 100% HDPE. Our shredder works with 100% renewable energy. For the washing process we only use 100% biodegradable soap.

For all the designers and artists out there:

Our focus is on homogenous colours, but for you we make an exception :-)

To support your artworks and design products we are pleased to contribute to your work by compiling your individual mix. Just let us know your recipe!

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Consumer waste
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