#5 PP Ocean Plastic Shredded Fishing Ropes per 10kg

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Shredded Fishing Ropes cleaned off the beaches of North West Scotland, sorted, cleaned and shredded back at Plastic Lab, [email protected]'s recycling workshop.

Small Granules: approx 6mm

7 Euros per 1kg

60 Euros per 10kg

Please send us a message to let us know what colour you would like when you order.

[email protected] is based in rural Scottish Highlands, where we receive lots of plastic pollution from the ocean mostly from industrial fishing activities in the Atlantic. We started our workshop to find local solutions to the problem of ocean plastic. We think it is therefore unethical to ship shredded ocean plastic beyond the Europe. We are open to sending samples further a field, but only as test samples for project that wish to start ocean plastic recycling projects in the future.

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Source of Plastic:
Ocean Plastic
Type of plastic :
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