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Presale for the SQUARE model, which will ship at the end of September - beginning of October.

By buying this product you are making possible for us to mill the needed moulds as well as the needed communication work to build the FOS brand. You will also be saving 37% over retail price of 90€.

At FOS we work to make products that won't be a problem at the end of their useful life by combining the right designs, materials and processes since 2015.

These pair of sunglasses or visionglasses are made of waste plastics and combined with a completely detachable hinge system, to make extra easy to loop them back into the production cycle at the end of its useful life. The legs and frame are made out of waste polypropylene and are built to last.

The package includes:
- A pair of sunglasses
- Felt cover made with 100% recycled fibers
- Booklet with the project information

All sun lenses are UV400 and certified to be fit for the world's highest satandard of Australia and New Zealand.

If you need prescription glasses, contact us through
Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
Made with::
Injection Machine
Source of Plastic:
Industrial waste
Type of plastic :
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