Sea turtle to hold phone, glasses, pens and others

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#SaveUsFromPlastics is our family's recycling project.

We are an European family living in Phuket since August 2018.
A few months ago, we decided to start collecting the colorful trash plastic caps from beaches, roads, streets and from some friends.
After some research and study about plastics and how to recycle and reuse it, we bought a shredder and an injection machine.
And then, with the support of a designer and a company that produces moulds, we came out with a beautiful babyseaturtle that allows to hold your phone, cards, glasses or other objects.

We started getting the first baby sea turtles by December 2020. Each turtle is individually produced and its color pattern is unique. Please, contact us to know about our project, stock and so on. Your order will support us to continue!
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Injection Machine
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Ocean Plastic
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