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Environmentally friendly guitar (and bass!) picks, made of 100% recycled plastic collected in Glasgow, mostly bottle top sourced through street clean-ups and donations.

These plectrums are hand-crafted, manually finished and polished and therefore each one is unique.

You can add a note when buying, to choose the style you want. You can mix and match as you please, and also opt for a surprise mix pack.

Available styles:

  • Recycle me / Do more [1.2-1.8mm thick]
  • Glasgow 2018 European Championship [only 2 plectrums available, 0.8-1.0mm thick]
  • Irn Bru [0.8-1.0mm or 1.1-1.6mm thick]
  • Coca Cola / Cherry Coca Cola [1.0mm thick]
  • Pepsi [last one!, 1.4mm thick]
  • Table salt [only 5 plectrums available, 1.0-1.3mm thick]
  • Same sugar as a glass of milk [0.7-0.8mm thick]
  • 7up [0.8mm thick]
  • Starbucks [last one!, 1.3mm thick]
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Consumer waste
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