PLA Filament for 3D printers

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No longer pay for a reel that you throw in the trash and earn on the cost of sending and on the price of your prints!

We deliver our refills vacuum-packed, without reel and without unnecessary packaging -> The weight of the package is minimized and the shipping costs are therefore lower ...

We also guarantee that our top-ups are at the lowest price.

Don't have a MasterSpool reusable spool?

We suggest you print it out (link at the bottom of this page), or if you wish to do so, we can provide you with the STL files (please contact us).

How to use our filament refills?

What are the dimensions ?

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Tolerance: ± 0.05mm

Outer diameter of filament spool: 198mm

Inner diameter of filament spool: 102mm

Filament spool width: 42mm

Do you want a large order?

Contact us by email and let us know your needs.

Where could I find this item ?

You could find this item on our website

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Injection Machine
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  • Thetford-Mines
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