Dome construction - joint set

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Plastmakers presents injected joints for building geodesic construction according to Precious Plastic tutorial. Timelapse video of assembly you can see here.

Set contains of 6x 5 way joints + 20x 6 way joints injected from PP mix. Joints have a black colour but on request we can produce other colours too (white or blue). Beams and fasterners are NOT included in this offer. :)

Joints were a little bit redesigned due to small radius inside original injection mould.

Models and simple blueprints are shared as an open source for free.

Shipping can be possible worldwide, but it depends on individual request: [email protected]

Country of Origin:
Czech Republic
Dimensions :
Made with::
Injection Machine
Source of Plastic:
Mixed Sources
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Czech Republic:
  • Prague
  • 4-6 weeks
  • Free
  • Pick up is possible in Liberec.

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Really great feedback, a lot of tips and fast production. Thank you once again Tomas!
Moule très soigné et très bien découpé. Hâte de l'essayer! Merci Tom!
Great machine, great service. I got a photo in advance to have a look, which is a great thing.

All edges are rounded to avoid injuries, the coating looks smooth.

Experts at work, thank you a lot.
I bought the clock- and clipboard compression mould. Both moulds are really well made and work perfectly. I also received a how to use video for the molds by email. Great customer service too. I can absolutely recommend it.
Tom set up shipping to Canada for me, and disassembled the clocks that I ordered so that shipping would cost less and they would arrive safely! Very lovely colours, and high quality detail in the molded parts!
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