A unique piece, this chessboard is handcrafted using entirely recycled and upcycled materials.

The white and green squares that constitute the playing board were made by melting single-use discarded plastic (HDPE - 2) collected locally.
In particular, the white squares are mostly from milk bottles, while the green ones are from bottle tops. Some other bits of different colours were inserted to give the pieces a marbe effect.

The wooden parts of the board were also upcycled using reclaimed wood such as used skirting boards.

The chessboard is finished with a durable and glossy varnish.

A set of draughts pieces is included, as well as two boxes to store them. The 24 draughts pieces are also made of recycled milk bottles and bottle tops, while the boxes are made with a different type of plastic (PP - 5) coming from detergent bottle lids and similar closures, all still collected locally and then melted.

The chessboard measures 26cm x 26cm x 2cm, and weights about 1kg.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions!

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Handcrafted chessboard with draughts pieces. 100% recycled materials

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