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This is the Cobalt Coffee Table made by DIOTIS from HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). This truly luxurious pattern is another example of turning recycled materials into a hand-crafted treasure. Sea-blue terrazzo elements in the material resemble the iconic gemstones, lending a rich and aristocratic image to products.

By purchasing a DIOTIS coffee-table you contribute directly to stopping plastic pollution entering our eco-system. One 100x100cm panel is the equivalent of recycling 7,500 plastic bags and re-using them to create a new kind of look; a unique one, a different one.

This material is not like anything you have seen before, you will be among the first to enter in this bright adventure. That's why we pride ourselves on the high quality manufacturing and assembly standards. We check each product by hand and inspect the entire table for any imperfections. Meanwhile, please bear in mind that these panels will be completely unique and no two panels are the same.


Customer Orders: We are specialised in transforming this material. We have the ability to make anyone's dreams come true and making our planet a better place to live in. We have the ability to build large conference room desks, decorate entire walls or make any indoor and outdoor furniture. The world really is your oyster when it comes to this material. So please get in touch with us if you want us to fulfil your interior design wishes.

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